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    Spotted this on BYOAC....Shame that its not available seperately....Sounds nice...

    New Arcade Legends from HanaHo!

    After a bit of a quiet time from HanaHo, new news!

    Hello Everyone..

    Time to make everyone drool! HanaHo Games has been working on a secrete project for several months now, but the cat can come out of the bag now.


    In a nutshell, it's a whole computer, with an embedded operating system built in. Emulated games are all stored on a 512MB SD card that plugs in to the PCB. It runs on 12VDC, and uses a standard JAMMA connector for the controls, and outputs to a standard arcade VGA monitor.

    It has the power of an entire computer, and there is no control system nor OS nor display system needed.

    Not for sale separately. It's made to be the entire engine behind a new re-released version of "Arcade Legends", a product created by Chicago Gaming available at a Costco near you. Our new developed "engine" will be effectively be replacing the Ultracade engine to the AL product.
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    Interesting to see if it suffers from the dreaded Xin1 lag.
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