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Tokyo Wars for sale in Brisbane (Be Quick)

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  • Tokyo Wars for sale in Brisbane (Be Quick)

    For those who are intested there is a 50 inch tokyo wars for sale in Brisbane, he is looking for $450 for it. I rang and asked a few qustion but as it is not a two player it does not interest me.

    This is add I found in the Quest paper

    19th and Sunday 20th,
    from 7am till 5pm both
    days. 2 ex-amusement
    machines (air hockey
    table and tank arcade
    game), bedding, furni
    ture, kitchenware.

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    Curiosity got the better of me at 2 o'clock today I called into the garage sale on my way to go karting and it was still there.

    I had a look and asked a few questions, the monitor is losing colour as most rear projectiosn do other wise it worked well.

    So I purchase it a bargin and now own a fully functioning Super System 22 Namco Tokyo wars.

    Now I have to make room to fit it.

    I will probably sell off the Rear projection as I it takes up to much room

    Pics to come soon


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