VPGL 15 - Post Pass - Rules

Hi Pinballers,

Welcome to arcade gaming competition with VPGL 15. This tournament is the 3rd of the new decade and part of the overall VPGL 2020 and all gamers worldwide are welcome to play. You can join in at any time and play.

The player with the most points...

MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - RULES

Hi Gamers,

Welcome to arcade gaming with MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner. This is the second tournament of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ESPORTS for 2020. All gamers worldwide are welcome to game. You can also join in at any time.

Please watch the trailer below for the official...

Gottlieb Sea Belles August 1956

gottlieb sea belles 1956

so, how many years does it make her?

bill picking up a project in the next few days, a very dirty, neglected old 50s woody.

so good these are still out there, though very rare now.

lets start with the new playfield plastics...

Announcement: Western Australia set to have its very own Pinball Festival

Hi folks!

We’d like to share some exciting news with you all…

Western Australia is set to have its very own Pinball Festival 😊

With Western Australia starting to ease restrictions from tomorrow, we thought what better time to announce plans for a pinball festival...

Monster Bash...Classic Edition

Finally after a couple of months ploughing through our house extensions, I'm back in my favourite room of the house!

Next in line is my custom Monsterbash I've been planning for a long time. Paying hommage to the 1950s Universal monsters going with a black and white theme and lots of custom...

How game board components work

This will be a series of posts on how specific components work on a game board. Its purpose is to help you understand how the circuitry works. Feel free to add to the series if there's a topic you want to cover.

First up: Reset!

You'll typically see the signal defined as RESET...


No announcement yet.

Importing Cabs!!!!

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    Plus i have found that companies like DHL and UPS are really rude when dealing with you over the phone. I had one incident where i was at work, they called home and said that they need to talk to me urgently!!, so my gf gives them my work number and they expect me to drop everything that i was doing, rush out and get my credit card details sooner than realistically possible, they wouldnt even let me call them back, i kept on saying i was at work, im busy etc etc, but they wouldnt take no for answer. ****ers.


      Wait... you mean to tell me that the big American companies don't care about little non-corporate customers? Say it ain't so!

      | |




        $1000 - Postal
        $1000 - Air or Sea but you have to fill out some formal forms.

        This was changed from $250 a month ago.



          Cool, that's the way it should be.
          Bite my shiny metal ass!


            Reading over this thread im im scared.
            I want THIS here


              ..If I really wanted a cabinet from overseas and money is no expense I would just buy it..cause I wanted the cab..if I wanted to make money out of cabs I would look at building my own here you just can't justify the expense of importing such bulking items and I am sure that the seller would not be sending off minty cabs and risk is too large. Like to see RTS on these..just my two bits..always wanted a Midway Galaxian cab so just buying it in pieces at the moment..Bezal,Marquee, T-moulding just need a CP ( got the overlay ) its been a five year thing now but it will happen!


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