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Thoughts in Sega Astro City Cabs?

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  • Thoughts in Sega Astro City Cabs?

    What do people think of the Sega Astro City Cabs?

    In my hunt for the "perfect" arcade cabinet to convert to a Mame Machine.

    For around the $1000 dollar mark i have few options. Some ok looking LAI or Viper cabs with 26inch monitors but the monitors are well used.

    Or for a couple $100 more a full Sega Astro Cab with a 29inch (15k-38k) CGA,EGA,VGA,SVGA, auto switching monitor with VGA cable.

    Perfect for mame!

    Anyway does anyone have one of these machines and if so what are your thoughts on them?

    Though I still have my heart on an old LAI cabinet. So maybe the BYO is still an option thru Neil ay Mamedownunder

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    I have got a real soft spot for sega astro cabs. If it still has got its Nanao in it then the picture quality should still be superb.

    You can also get lots of different interchangeable CPO's for those cabs too adn they are alot cheaper then other makes of candy CPO's


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      It's all personal opinion. For myself, nothing beats the Sega cabs. They are the best built of all the candy-style cabs. No doubt.

      I'm not a big fan of buying second hand, however. But each to their own.
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        if i had the money, like you do, i'd get the astro city. the newer the cab, the less problems you'll have with it, generally. but if you are after a certain style of cab and it is not a candy then i'd go buy the one you're after. you're probably going to have the mame cab for a long time so it may as well be the cab you like most.


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