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  • My new project

    I've decided to build a driving cab this year .
    Gonna try and do it on a $500 budget.
    This week I scored (for free) a Logitech Wingman Momo force feedback wheel and pedals and a Boston BA7500G Digital surround sound system , so I'm off to a great start.
    Luckily one of my PC's has a sound card with digital output (my newest PC is about 5 years old).
    I'm also lining up (hopefully) a free monitor too
    I already have a spare PC to use in it.

    The Logitech wheel needs the wires from the pedals resoldered to the DB25 connector, plus I need to solder a USB cable to that same connector (not a hard job)

    I plan to run Rfactor in it , plus probably Colin Mcrae Rally

    Will keep you all updated with my progress

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    Sounds good. Post some progress pics if you can. Mine's on hold until I get some free time. (after the juke software)
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      I've rewired the wheel and got that working. Found one of my PC's has a sound card with digital output (lucky) .. so total cost so far $5 (for a 3M USB cable) and after rebuilding my PC (software wise .. it was in desperate need) I am now playing Rfactor (trial version) with digital suround sound ,for the 1st time in a couple of years ..
      Next steps
      1) Stop playing Rfactor
      2) sell one of my 5 pinnies to help finance this project
      3) build the cab


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