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  • You have just under 24 hours to act...

    Later this week, I will be lucky enough to meet & interview Al Alcorn,
    who's here to launch Game On in Melbourne.

    • Al designed the world's first successful coinop game. (Pong)
    • Al helped design the world's first successful multi-game console. (Atari 2600)

    And I'm giving you a chance to pose a question to him.

    (In case you think this is "lazy journalism", I've already written a LOT of questions,
    to suit the different publications I'm pitching stories to. )

    Instead, I thought I'd "share my good fortune" with you guys.
    (After all, many of you have helped me with tech support in the past.)

    ~~~~~ So - here's the go ~~~~~

    1. Each member can post 1 question in this thread for Al. (Just 1 - so think before you post!)
    Keep 'em short & sweet. No multipart questions or essays please.
    Also - if you're not really passionate about videogames or consoles, please consider abstaining, for the sake of a member who is.

    I would ask that any general "Game On" discussion be kept out of this thread,
    and be posted in the existing History of Video Gaming thread.

    2. Deadline is midday tomorrow. (Tuesday 4th March)

    3. I can't promise anything in terms of which - if ANY - or how many questions get asked.
    (It might end up being ZERO... as I have NO IDEA how long I've got with him)

    4. This is just for existing AA members. Please do not promote this thread outside the Aussie Arcade forum.
    I didn't have to make this offer, please respect that.

    Consider this a lucky dip. Who knows what might happen.

    Sorry this is late notice, but it was only recently confirmed & I've been busy.

    PS: For those of you I chased with a tape recorder at John's Arcade gathering last year,
    I haven't forgotten that project; I've just been working recently on Game On instead, as it's a time sensitive story.

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    I would ask him if he plays video games himself, from a personal perspective I prefer playing (and fixing) the hardware itself, rather than playing the games it supports. I would wonder if he is the same, when the 1st consoles came out they were a massive leap forward technologically, perhaps that is what excited him rather than the games.
    Sic transit gloria Atari!


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      Can you please ask him if during his initial period of developing the concept of the "brown box" (prior to magnavox) had he heard of, or been influenced by Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann's "Missile Simulator", which was released in 1947 with a subsequent patent #2445992; "Cathode Ray-Tube Amusement Device"

      -it has been bugging me for a while, especially since he mentions that he initially got his ideas in the late 40's / early 50's


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        Ask Al if he had any idea before hand of any of the products he worked on would be as successful and pioneering as they turned out to be.
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          "Are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?"
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