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Neo Geo Multi Cartridge legitimacy

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  • Neo Geo Multi Cartridge legitimacy

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if these kind of Neo Geo multi cartrideges
    are legitimate and indistinguishable from the originals, or do they employ some form of compression/emulation etc.

    I've already got a MAME cab so i can 'play' these games NEARLY perfect, so if I am going to bother with a proper MVS board I would like to think that these are the real deal.

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    They aren't legit. Orginate in China/Hong Kong.

    If youre getting a 15khz picture out of your mame cab, why bother with pirated shit?

    Check out Excellentcom if youre still interested. They go for cheap.


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      1. Neo Geo equivalent of $5 Rolexes.

      2. I'd suggest either stay with MAME, or go "real", rather than this "half step".


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        yeah that's what I thought would be the case. No point in trying to go authentic with a real board and then using dodgy games.

        Thanks for clearing that up
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          I have a different opinion.....

          If you have a mame setup and it works fine, then keep that.

          If you have a neogeo baord and want the games on the 16in1 and dont want to buy each of them seperate then i would say go for it.. As far as i have heard there are no operating issues with any of the games.

          For the sake of the games in mame being "nearly perfect".....the only reason i would go with original hardware is if you were a purist...or of course your mame cab wasn't running in 15k and you wanted the video to display with scanlines like the original.


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            I agree. They're not legitimate but as far as I'm aware their original roms aren't they? I'd pop one in my slot 1 neogeo no problem. Rather that than buying separate carts and then changing them all the damn time.

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              As long as they are the original game and not some dumbass 'hack' the Asian market seems to delight in, then I would whack them in my cab.
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