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    We as a small family business have decided to take a new direction with our company.

    NOTE: This does not effect any orders that are currently on our books. All orders will be done as per usual over the next 12 weeks or so.​

    For the foreseeable future we are selling only our virtual pinball machines. This is the direction we are going in now. ​

    Toxic arcade machine community.​
    Online bullying.​
    Competitors (yes more than one) trying to take our business down any way possible.​
    Recent family life long illness to 2x children (one is our main worker). Sorry guys but our kids come first!​
    Working 80+ hours a week.​

    Just selling Virtual pinball machines will lessen our workload over the next few months, giving us a better quality of life, by working a normal working week and removing us from the toxic environment of Arcade Machine building.​

    We could go into more detail but we feel you wont really be interested. As we are not.​

    Any questions please feel free to private message us or email.​

    Regards the team at Ultra Custom Cabs


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      Toxic arcade machine community. Sounds like customer blaming/


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        Toxicity in the arcade scene? We're the nicest bunch of bastards around. You should see the toxicity in the pinball scene


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          Customer complaints against shoddy product is a toxic community, online bullying and harassment? Not to mention profiting from piracy? They almost nailed all the SJW statements though

          The irony is there are FAR FAR more issues configuring a Virtual Pinball machine than an arcade machine. The Mame setup is a piece of piss but they refused to do it right.
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            Must be great living in a world where everything is someone else's fault


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              That was an odd post. I don't mean to belittle their personal issues but is telegraphing your mood swings part of having mood swings?


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                Originally posted by namastepat View Post
                Toxicity in the arcade scene? We're the nicest bunch of bastards around. You should see the toxicity in the pinball scene

                The best action is wrist action!!!!!!


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                  Has it been 6 months already? Or have we broken a record for this coming up again?


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