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  2. One of the reasons of weirdness is that the brain (logic) sees a wall going up and down in a wave fashion (rolling earthquake) where its not possible to comprehend, 3 seconds later (if new to the experience) you realise thats an earthquake. In NZ, they have fire and earthquake drills. 8.9 is the worst Ive been through - I hate them and dont miss them one bit! When I moved to Aussie, I gained another fear - lightning bolt strikes and storms. (we never got them back then, just like cockroaches - they got em both in NZ now LOL)
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  4. Victoria is situated on the Dan Andrews fault line. (San andreas) 😄
  5. watching the mirrored wardrobe doors wobble looked different
  6. Just saw this after posting on wanted to buy. Yes please!
  7. So I'm waiting to replace the MCA Joysticks on my Exceleena with propr Seimitsu LS-40 joysticks. Anyone have any spare or know where I can purchase them locally? Anyone want the MCA's in there for trade or purchase?
  8. Does anyone else have issue when lowering the trolley (only when pinball is on it) that it will suddenly drop down despite how softly I squeeze the trigger. Seems to happen every 4 or 5th time when lowering pinball machines, it will suddenly drop rather than lower slowly? Is there a way to adjust the trolley to prevent it dropping down suddenly? Its a afco LT-227 - Hydraulic Lifter Trolley as pictured below
  9. They are never big enough. Well done Pat. Did you start when you started the thread 9 years ago? Only a few more years and it'll get finished. Want new carpet then touch base at the next houseball if it ever happens?
  10. Try this site for free 3D model assets: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/c746cd6d-53e2-4f3a-a7fc-6602cb0e947f/Lowboy-NEO-GEO?hl=en https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/56fe9009-09e9-4500-8298-8cd8565a543f/Lowboy-Batman https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=arcade machine&searchTab=model I think some of the sketchup ones I had to open in sketchup and remove any backgrounds or other elements and save them out as the correct format.
  11. PRICE DROP! $11,800 My new machine's on the way and I'm keen to speed up this sale. Dropping the price by $1k
  12. Howdy team. Any idea why I may not be able to edit my post? I'm definitely logged in but clicking on the 3 dots doesn't have an edit option. Had a forum buddy check it out too with the same result. Here's what I'm seeing: I'm trying to drop the price of my machine here:
  13. It felt weird as, never experienced something like that before.
  14. Yep! Have culled from 12 to 3 and the remaing three are Maiden (MDN), Ironman, and TWD LE. I'd say all three are keepers but I'm sure if push came to shove that TWD is the only real keeper.
  15. I want to know the long story involving Luc Longley.
  16. finally after a lot of work i discovered the defect in the audio that was causing problems in the sound of kicks, voices etc. after changing oki chip, z80, all capacitors, 4 ci 5218a, ci yamaha ym2151, chip ym3012 among others, I found that the defect was simply resistor R47 (2.2k). problem solved and sound working perfectly.
  17. Depends on how bad the scratches are, if they are deep scratches, I normally take the easy way and buy new ones from @Railways, just depends how much you want to spend. For small scratches I use wet & dry sand paper with a lubricant like autosol or something similar. Just make sure you go with the grain.
  18. Can I please ask how I might be able to remove scratches from side rails?
  19. Never been upset seeing one go at the time but if I had to say one I wish I didn't let go it would be Speak Easy 2. Yes, not one many would think of as a keeper but I did like the concept of an add a ball SS. It was a machine I never played or saw for that matter prior to getting mine. The only other machine, that I still own but never saw or played prior was Black Pyramid. I suppose I've been blessed having other people's machines come through being repaired for decades so the addiction was always being feed but thinking about it, all the machines I have personally owned were rarely hunted for, more right place at the right time. Machines sitting in a back corner in some operator's warehouse not working and the price was right.
  20. It is a great machine. I think it would do really well on site in the right location. It's very bright and friendly and the 'bump buttons' thing is a surprisingly cool toy. The flipper buttons pulse when various things happen like pop bumpers or pulsing before the start of multiball is weirdly effective.
  21. Felt it in Ballarat I get daily rumblings from a gold mine in the area, but this was different, it was not until I was messaged by my son who live in Melbourne eastern suburbs that I knew it was natural
  22. Definitely. Earthquake detected 10kms from Mansfield in Victoria, magnitude of 6. Reports of it being felt as far away as NSW and the ACT.
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