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  2. Nice to see a machine priced fairly again. Been a long time!
  3. Now listing my BKSOR LE with Topper and shooter rod for straight sale, no trades, I need the space. Low plays in perfect condition all round. Can be picked up or happy to have Bill or Hytech, etc collect.
  4. My mate has a 1940 plymouth coupe
  5. Probably a silly question but what game is that in the last pic with the 3 troll heads up the headbox. 🤔
  6. Yesterday
  7. I managed to increase my points and advance a few rounds, but the game started to get too fast. The planets are rotating beyond normal. lol 51,322
  8. Hi yeah it is black and white Was hoping colour but for 1976 didn't think would be. Hooked up my old pvr that I use for crt fun. Just needs some adjustments on size.
  9. Is that little TV Black and White? I can see it's not a Trinitron and there's no mention of colour on it. I like how old TVs proudly declared that they were 'solid state' - except for the big tube in the front of course... Nice find, regards John
  10. Vector is a great game. GLWS
  11. Already bought it. Post pics soon.
  12. Maybe............(will post pics soon)
  13. Opening event done and the venue is humming! Card qualifying starts today, so the fingers and brains will be ticking over working out best strategies. 4-strike event is on tonight per the webpage (we felt generous and added another strike). Hope to see you all there some time over the next few days.
  14. Next update is done. I've added a French card to Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon. Bally Harvest and Star Jet files are made more complete. Added a file for Chicago Coin Twinky on request. Nic Schell has send me his version for the A-9995 back mask file for various Gottlieb games. Gottlieb Bowlette isn't a pinball game, but I've gotten a request to create the relay strips. Another request is done for Gottlieb Minstrel Man. I've added more cards to various Gottlieb games. Stern Stingray and Pinball use the same score cards, so I've added them to both files. A new file created for Williams Stop N Go. A lot of better card images are added to the archive. A full list of changes you can read below. I hope you like them. Enjoy playing pinball, Peter http://www.inkochnito.nl If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal. 30 november 2023 changes New made or updated card files: Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon French card added to zip file Bally Harvest zip file added Bally Star Jet cards added to zip file Chicago Coin Speedway zip file added Chicago Coin Twinky zip file added Coil wrapper added for Bally N-21-650 Gottlieb A-8066-1 convert game to 3 balls zip file added Gottlieb A-9995 back mask other version added (special thanks to Nic Schell) Gottlieb Bowlette relay strip zip file added Gottlieb Kings & Queens cards added to zip file Gottlieb Minstrel Man zip file added Gottlieb Spin Wheel cards added to zip file Gottlieb Star Race cards added to zip file Gottlieb Stock Car zip file added Gottlieb Straight Shooter cards added to zip file Gottlieb Sure Shot cards added to zip file Gottlieb Tilt cards zip file updated Stern Pinball cards added to zip file Stern Stingray cards added to zip file United Manhattan cards added to zip file Williams 16D-8727 inserts added to zip file Williams Spanish Eyes cards added to zip file Williams STD-904 label zip file added Williams Stellar Wars cards added to zip file Williams Stop N Go zip file added
  15. until

    I had a brief chat with army aviation about it. The game is not to proper scale and he invited me to redo it if i could find the table blueprint. Mate I'm lucky to find my way out the door and don't like my chances of finding such a thing😉 I 'd have a go if I could find it. I wasalso going to tweak it to make it easier but after seeing the monster score crackers posted I couldn't do it. I'd prefer to go down the performance hancing drug route with that fellah. Man that score is a full Friday night kombucha run. I doubt if he could remember the game. Probably woke on the lounge and through bleary eyes went shit that's not bad.....🤪
  16. Fun game & love the BG art, GLWS
  17. Price drop to $45 posted. Just wanting to clear stuff I’m not using.
  18. Hello Paul. I thought the game was cool, but to improve, I would have to watch gameplay for a better strategy. It's interesting that most of the time, enemies follow the same path.
  19. 2 weeks to go. Still a few spots left for anyone that wants to join us for the Xmas Pinball fun.
  20. Bally Vector for sale. $5K A lot of work has gone into this machine over the last few years. All boards and connectors have been serviced, components replaced where needed. The machines electronics are spot on. All displays replaced with Wolfpac LED displays. All new flipper assemblies. New drop targets, mechs all clean up. Cabinet solid, orginal artwork/paint, rear end of cabinet has been replaced, got rid of the old chipboard panel, replaced with Ply. Backglasses are complete and look good, but there is some lifting and clear tape holding these bits in place (see pics) Playfield is ok, original mylar makes it a bit dull. see pics. mostly LEDs for GI to lighten it up a bit. most target lamps are still standard globes. Sounds are all working. "Hit the showers!" Plays well, fun machine. $5K Located in Ringwood, Melbourne.
  21. Picked up. Now to reorganize the shed and some bnc adaptors It's so small and compact so more manageable than my 28 inch nec
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