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  2. I just seemed to have my eye in and couldn’t loose the ball…..one of them games where you get in the zone..
  3. That puts you on top mate. Cracking score, tough to beat that
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  5. Someone in an earlier post said air-conditioning used butane nowadays. I'm pretty confident that is incorrect. At the end of my apprenticeship in auto electrics around 1990 there were cowboys using weird mixes that included butane in car air-conditioning. That was mostly to substitute for R12 in existing systems (different gases need different seals and oil). I believe automotive has settled on R134a and I vaguely think household items are as well although that is not my area.
  6. As per the title wanted to buy pinball playfields used Williams or Bally but would consider Stern, Gottlieb or Zaccaria not too trashed would be a bonus, something for wall art or maybe refurb PM with what you have and asking price Thanks
  7. At least both are trying. Good stuff.
  8. Happy birthday Jase. Hope you have a great one.
  9. Moved to the video arcade section, should have more eyeballs roll over it there. I would definitely give Zax's Amusements in Melbourne a try though.
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  11. Wow, that's interesting and thanks in advance for chasing it up👍. I'm going to check one out listed on pinballowners.com as being in storage in Sydney and see what the owner says. Have to say I'm a tad apprehensive about an boxed one, sounds like it could have quite a price tag if available. Can't hurt to find out though.
  12. Hi all. Where can I find new mirror glazed balls?
  13. This is the monitor repair subforum... Might i recommend posting in the main arcade repair section?
  14. Just had the best game…wet day up here so no bricklaying just some pinball… the misses hasn’t played this yet but with my pisser score she just lowered here head and said F—— me…. 373,070,870 had 3 extra balls and high noon twice…no idea what to do and that was only my 3rd game … done with this one
  15. Wow this list is still going! Amazing work 🙂 Just for fun please remove Star Wars and Doctor Who and add Black Knight, Cleopatra, Sinbad, Cosmic Princess, Terminator 2 and Starship Troopers. Thanks!
  16. Following the procedure shared by Crakkers will be a solution. Another option (if you don't have other information for that game you want to keep like high scores, settings etc) you can just delete the NVRAM that has the same name as the ROM. When you relaunch the game it'll create a new NVRAM file and have all of the default settings. You could also rename the NVRAM file to something else, let it create a default one for this competition and then delete the new one and rename the old one back to how and you'll be as you were before the comp. After typing that out I feel the process that Crakkers offered is probably the easier solution 😄 .
  17. Correct. Not playing the P-Roc version. I actually enjoy it, Cactus Canyon Continued, more than the original but choose not to have it as the competition table due to a number of people having problems with the installation. P-Roc is well worth the installation.
  18. Here's that info. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=69
  19. Game 7 is now closed which means just one week left of VPGL 20 and that will bring us to the end of the of the VPGL for 2121. kane stretches that lead further over the field and it would take a catastrophe for him to not win the competition and the overall year. RusstyT sitting in 2nd place and is quite comfortable there as is legin in 3rd. Crakkers and Pinzealot are fighting over 4th place with vtdmame rounding out a top 6.
  20. Game 7 comes to a close meaning there is just one week left of competition. Congratulations to kane on taking another 1st place. RusstyT stands proudly on the second tier in 2nd place and Crakkers takes 3rd place.
  21. 81,600 - Not sure I'll ever have the patience to get past L4 springs. JackS had a go and found it a bit hard: 1,800
  22. Hi Russ, the 5 ball setting will be a ROM setting. You can edit the ROM settings. I cant remember how but there is info about. If you cant figure out how to edit the ROM you could always delete it and download it again
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