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  2. Dont know what happened to my first response... so here goes again... @JustAnotherRat you took the words straight off my keyboard. Both 2020 and 2021 were a sellout - not a problem there from a patronage view. The problem is keeping the supply of pinballs to the event from dwindling. You would think that with all the potential contributors out there, that we would have to turn people away. Unfortunately that is not the case. We basically rely on the same people time after time to bring a game or two. Whenever some of these core contributors drop out, they need to be replaced with new people coming in. Pinfest 2022 will be ok - we have had a lot of droputs but it will still be ok. Our record year was 2019 with 76 games. We wont get that this year unless a miracle happens. I found that if you dont get a good influx of new contributors one year, its the following year that the event suffers....so at this stage 2023 does not look good - hence our post from @Cruiser.
  3. Simple really to me. Is it worth putting a price on what takes you back and what it means to you? Within reason of course dollars wise but I think no. Even if you spend a little more than your budget I reckon you'll have a spring n your step every time you walk past her in her done up state
  4. Awesome night Dave and Sandy, what a “RUSH” . Thanks to all involved👍👍
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  6. Get the flipper fingers and ready for some ripping Bally solid sate magic. VPGL 22-Game 3 ~ Flash Gordon Nominated by VPGL legend Jed Game Closes-Sunday 6th June Flash Gordon is a four player SS game released byBally in February 1981 & is the first Solid State split level table released by Bally withe the squawk and talk vocaliser module. Customers complained about the strobe light in in the backbone so it was removed during production. Flash Gordon started as a 1930's comic strip hero and was a very successful Hollywood motion picture serial in 1936 prompting two more serials in 1938 & 1940. Design by: Claude Fernandez Art by: Kevin O'Conner GamePlay Lighting 1-2-3 arrows lights mini bonus for 50,000 and 2X. Dropping 1-2-3 drop targets 3 times lights top bumper for 5,000and advances top target value. Ball shooter lane rollover scores super bonus when single target isdropped. Lighting amber, blue, yellow & white buttons by the 4 drop targets. 2 right targets and flipper lanes lights super bonus for 100,000 and saucer for 3X. Dropping 4 drop targets advances saucer and lights spinners. Dropping targets 5 times lights outlane specials. Ball in saucer when 2X or 3X are lit lights 15 clock seconds to multiply playfield scores by 2 or 3. If both are lit, playfield scores are multiplied by 5. Super bonus multipliers are lit as indicated on playfield. Super bonus and mini bonus scores are collected in outhole. Maximum 1 extra ball per ball in play. Tilt penalty – Ball in play. The VPX Game & Backglass can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B8QPqGC3WygeaivPRC7mnR9vxH59VKCU/view?usp=sharing Downloads linked are just suggestions, you can play on any VPX version or the table as long as it is the same rule set (IE Pro, LE etc.). You can let us know what version you are playing and why you play that one in the thread if you like, Score Submissions: Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a photo or screen shot showing your score. This game finishes Sunday 6th June 2022, Midnight pm Sydney time. This game is set to 5 ball as default and that is what we'll play for this competition. We are playing regular version- right flipper select. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. Game on... who will harness the zoom of Flash
  7. No good denying another birthday means another year older @tas_tig3r Happy Birthday Aaron, I hope you have a great day 😊
  8. Managed to borrow a working A-board - WW was fine, but Airwing still has issues. That answers that I guess!
  9. Looking for a AC/DC ‘Helen’ Alternative Translite if anyone has one they would like to sell. Would also consider a ‘Lucí’ Translite.
  10. it’s @nich2pat Birthday, I’ll drink to that! Happy Birthday Pat, I hope you have a fantastic day 🎉😀
  11. Thanks Sandy and Dave for a great Houseball. Was loads of fun as always at the house 😊 really cool to have the arcade machines on too Big thanks also to Cranky Dave, Trav and Rusty and everyone for the hard work behind the scenes 👍
  12. Hi @robm sorry that didn't seem to help, if there's no ac noise or ripple on the +5V rail you appear to have ruled that out as an issue, I'd stick with the slightly higher Voltage at the board though, 5.08V sounds ideal in case there are any parts of the boards with lower levels. Whenever there is a strange interaction between boards or modules it is worth double checking power supplies, just in case as issues there can cause all sorts of unusual symptoms. So, if not the +5V being noisy or otherwise affected by loading there must be some other interaction between your PCBs which is affecting the sound board - which did not show up on a different machine using your sound board either. Not necessarily on the sound board itself but if you have tried a different fliptronics board and a different cable with no change these would seem to be cleared of suspicion. I couldn't say for sure that it isn't an MPU fault but as it is the sound board which is resetting I would still think the fault is more likely within that board, even though it worked OK in a different machine. The previous suggestion to check U18 and U19 might still be worthwhile as signals between boards could be marginal and work in one machine but not the other. There doesn't seem to be anything more obvious which you haven't tried already but I'm not familiar enough with this system to offer any other suggestions - anyone? Regards, John.
  13. There is still plenty of attention for the event. The "people" still want it, it's the contribution of pinball machines that is lacking compared to previous years. Don't get me wrong, there are still enough games to make the event worthwhile but there is a down turn in the number of people that are able to bring their machine in. The number of people through the doors was definitely a COVID thing, we cut back to be within regulations but charged more so that it was still worthwhile from a charity perspective which also gave the added benefit of those who attend get more time to play on the machines as there is much less of a line up. For those that do contribute, you get the contributors shirt as mentioned above, there has also been an poster gifted but for me, the best part is that on Saturday night we have a contributors session where only those that contribute (and usually their partner) get in and play. This night alone with great people means great times and makes it worthwhile for me. This years event will still be a success, but the event can't continue without people willing to contribute.
  14. Thanks Sandy and Dave for hosting. Was a fun night. Next one will most likely be Dicky's in June.
  15. Do you think it's just a covid thing ? I've been attending Pinfest since day one and i've watched it grow busier and gain attention and sell out up until the last two years. Lot's of businesses have died and will never return but those that have been able to survive or come back are starting to prosper. For the sake of you guys that have put the effort in to keep Pinfest going i hope it comes back strong.
  16. Hello i would like to purchase a DMD for my Batman Forever pin
  17. you can make them, you just cant sell them. Just pay your preferred signwriter/painter/spraycanattendant to paint it for you and they will be able to make them for the job. Its selling the stencils themselves as a product that causes the issue not making them.
  18. See you there mate… Probably won’t be a Pinfest 2023 if we don’t get some new blood into the event unfortunately…
  19. Good luck trying to find Playboy stencils as I’ve been trying for years, no one will make them due to the copyright on playboy items that includes Pinball Pimp I’ve already had the discussion with him about it and he said it’s just not worth the trouble
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