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  2. Hi Pete, Sorry to say but trial and error. The longer ones are generally to hold two thicker bits like coil mounts.
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  4. Congratulations @busty34! Excellent prizes! I'm sure he will like it.😊
  5. Congrats @Zerst on getting 3rd place
  6. Thanks Terence! This was such an awesome back-and-forth battle! No one was really ahead by more than 3-5 point at any time, and after your King of Dragons score, I was not very optimistic on being able to catch up to you. I was a bit lucky on Mortal Kombat considering I had never really played it before, and I can't tell how many games of Bank Panic I had to play in the last two days. I just wish it didn't take me until 3am to get that score. As always, many thanks to Paul for running this, and congrats to everyone who competed! Looking forward to the next one!
  7. Congrats @dbh on winning MGL55 Outstanding performance 🙂 Congrats to @terencew on getting 2nd place Stellar performance Thanks to @OOO for all the effort he puts into running the MGL 🙂 See you all in MGL56
  8. Select higher picture quality for a better watch.
  9. Hi there, Currently restoring a 1965 GTB Bank A Ball and looking for 8 small type metal playfield posts and a ball lifter assembly in the brown anodised finish. Need both the lifter and the banana scoop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. Cheers G
  10. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I recently purchased a Moon Patrol pcb set off a fellow member. It was purchased untested so no worries there, but there is a number of grimy old socketed chips that have corroded so bad that when I started to clean the legs with a fiberglass pen some legs have broken off (not on removal as I was extremely careful getting them out of the sockets). I can source some of the chips with broken legs from Jaycar (74LS244), but this one I can't find (besides via a slow boat from Taiwan), nor can I find an equivalent chip (happy for someone to tell me if they know of a modern equivalent). So I'm chasing a FUJITSU MB7052 or equivalent. I know someone out there in AA must have one on a spare board or part of their hoard. Any info, or supply of the chip would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time. Cheers, mattman.
  11. GGs everyone!!! Thanks as always to our Gamemaster, Paul Hornitzky @OOO!!! Keeping track of scores across two websites so we can just get down to business, finding obscure nuggets of game relevant media, always providing encouragement to all players, and somehow finding new awesome Mystery Prizes! I have often said that MGL is a fun, light-hearted & supportive place for us with this habit we can't kick, and that remains true to this day! Thanks to everyone who played, however much they could. And congratulations to our champion Don @dbh on a well-deserved victory! It was a long, tough and really close battle, but without being too self-deprecating, it was probably the more likely outcome after all! But let's see if I can keep pace in June!!! See you all then! Tell your friends!!!
  12. What an amazing project!! Any chance there's video footage?
  13. Mystery Prize Draw: 29 gamers were eligible at the end of the tournament for the mystery prize draw. All players had to play and post a score for all 12 games. The eligible players are listed below: Ace1942 Almorte BandontheRun Bensweeney Bosse Busty34 DaLar Danny_galaga Dbh Evan04 Germano Da Hal1973 Homar Ivanstorm1973 Kane Lasse.lo Lexa Megaderek Pessimeister Redelf RMacauley SMK spectre Terencew Tracey Wan1993 Wirre.the.man Zerst ZNC The winner is drawn by chance from the eligible players. And the winner of the Mystery Prize Draw for MGL55 is … Busty34 Congratulations! Your mystery prizes are as follows … 1. Pac-man Blinky Light (watch out for this ghost) 2. Super Mario Bros. Coasters (cheers from the MGL) 3. Funko SODA Deadpool (lives on like in the games) 4. Jurassic World Dinomates (dinosaurs are everywhere these days) 5. Pac-man Mug (waka waka waka) 6. Super Mario LEGO Blind Pack (put something fun together) 7. Space Invaders Notebook (keep track of your scores and learnings) 8. Tails from Sonic PEZ (eat and fly) 9. Super Mario Brickwork Plush (something softer to punch) 10. Iddy Biddy Minions Snacks (for long gaming sessions) 11. Mario Peloty Chocs (hard to find but these taste great) I will send a PM to Busty34 to congratulate her on the prizes win and ship them to her postal address. That is the conclusion of the MGL55 prize draw. Thank you to everyone who played all of the games in MGL55. MGL56 will commence on 16-June. See you then for more fun and games! OOO 🐸
  14. The 1st tournament of the 2023 season has just been completed. 49 gamers battled their way in this challenging competition as follows: Congratulations to all competitors that played in this tournament. It was a tremendous effort to compete on 12 different video games. We had 6 new games never played before in MGL history, which is 50% of the games played. In this tournament, 12 different gamers had at least one of their games drawn from the nomination game pool. These were from Ace1942, Busty34, danny_galaga (3), DBH, Germano, Mappy24, NW Nike, Pessimeister, PG3 (2), SMK (2), Spectre, and Tracey (2). Zerst made his MGL debut and finished on the podium with an outstanding 3rd place. Extremely well played! With 12 games contested there were 9 different game winners: Terencew (3), PG3 (2), comboace (1), Dbh (1), DaLar (1), Germano (1), Prow (1), Redelf (1) and Zerst (1). Congratulations to the game winners for achieving the high score on these games … Congratulations to Donald Hayes the champion , and Terence Wong the runner up, on an amazing and thrilling MGL competition. After 9 games completed, Donald and Terence were tied for 1st place. Zerst and John McAllister were very close behind, and these 4 gamers were making a run for the title. Donald had a 3 point lead in the later stages but Terence turned that around to lead by 3 points. While all games are very important, it turned out a near miss by Terence for the top score on Mortal Kombat, and Don playing into the early hours in New Hampshire posting a critical score at 3.06am local time on Bank Panic made the difference. Donald posted improved scores for almost every day over the last week of competition and won by 1 point. This is the 2nd closest finish in MGL history which spans over 18 years! ZNC, DaLar, Spectre, SMK, Pessimeister, RMacauley, Redelf, Ace1942, Ivanstorm and Evan04 all finished with over 1000 points from 4th place to 13 place. Extremely well played by these gamers for their scores and skill in possibly one of the toughest MGL tournaments in the last 5 years. So that means everyone who hung in there and gave their best deserve a "pat on the back" and recognition for trying your best. What a great way to start the season. One down and three to go. MGL56 starts on June 16th, so stock up on your food and drinks and get ready for some super gaming action. The Mystery Prize Draw will commence shortly. 🌴 OOO
  15. Hey Guys, Does anyone have a HD Homerun TV Tuner they aren't using anymore and want to sell? Please PM if you do. Cheers Johno
  16. Hi wiredoug, I would be happy to take everything you have if you want to part with it. I already have a MAME cocktail machine so i would like to get this one back to original if possible. let me know if you want to sell the parts, thanks. flippahead, I dont know why they would put the screen there but it seems to be original so thats what im going with. That machine is very similar, a couple of differences like the speaker and coin slot positions, but same frame. Steve
  17. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings. There was a fair amount of panic when this game started, being a fighting game and pretty tough. However as the days and weeks went by, a large number of gamers worked out what to do. Giving the machine some curry in return, surprisingly 12 gamers managed to score over 1 million points. That's truly excellent! Terence played great and just missed out on the game win by 220K. Congratulations to comboace for a very fine win. Scoring 10,797,500 points, he wins his first MGL game. Mortal Kombat is one of the greatest games in arcade history. A well chosen pick by SMK.
  18. Day 17 of 17 ... Final standings. Bank Panic is a popular pick by many gamers and here it appeared once again. While the music can be a lot of fun the outlaws sure make it very difficult in the banking system. Five (5) gamers managed to score over 1 million points which is terrific. Evan scored a might 1.2 million for 3rd place, Donald Hayes posted a vital 2nd place with 1.6 million. Super congratulations to Prow for a top winning score of 1,759,550 points. One of his favourite games, he clinched the victory with plenty left in the bank. What a game that was. And what extraordinary gaming by some gamers to make this game the one that counts most.
  19. Thanks to KJS, pocketmoney, & BioBa. KJS & pocketmoney: It was a pleasure meeting you both. Thank you so much for your time, advice & good chats. BioBa: I'll be in touch. Now waiting on some parts and the rest is down to learning, work & time. Cheers everyone.
  20. Haha. I understand why. The artwork is really what I love about this one
  21. Hi everyone, Game 12 is now closed. Yes the battle is over and the final scoreboard will be posted shortly.
  22. It looks like my near miss here has cost me the tournament... SIGH!!!!!!!!!
  23. LOL ... 😅 Hi everyone, the bank is now closed. The panic has stopped and the final scoreboard will be posted shortly.
  24. Gday guys I am balls deep into the restoration of a Bally Future Spa. This is my second restoration and first restoration of a SS using automotive paints and clear. No big f-ups yet but still early days. First stencils down this weekend.
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