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  2. Here are some updates for you for the Wide Bay section: Hervey Bay - Big Screen Cinemas - Star Trek, Walking Dead - No machines here anymore - Hervey Bay Hotel - Who Dunnit, The Shadow, Corvette - Correct as at 05/10/22 - Hervey Bay Ten Pin Bowl & Zone 3 - Shadow - No machines here anymore - Timezone - Aerosmith, Walking Dead - Update to Aerosmith Pro, Walking Dead Pro, GOTG Pro - InfinIT Computers Pialba - Led Zeppelin Pro, High Speed Maryborough - Maryborough Ten Pin - Avengers Infinity Quest Premium
  3. Im letting go of my Namco Exceleena cab ( this is the blue one ) Its in good condition for its age , I am located in Melbourne in Mount Waverley post code 3149 which is a 30 minute drive east of melbourne CBD. I will add pictures tonight ( the picture at the moment is just to give you the idea of its looks.) I am open to offers , im thinking $1100. These cabs are not easy to come by. And before anyone asks , yes they can fit through a standard door , its a matter of removing the shell on the outside of the cabinet and the control panel.. I can do this in around 10 minutes. You are also free to come and inspect.
  4. yes, great fun. Love the weekend comps. Well done to all for their massive effort in organising, and the helpers who lend, lug and then lug again.
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  6. This was 2 weeks ago round the corner from me https://www.leadstory.com/v/a-cows-on-the-loose-in-drouin-spotted-travelling-along-a-railway-line-202292057
  7. It’s awesome! @rusty_dagger is celebrating today πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Russell, I hope you have a great day 😊
  8. Great pinball. I'm lucky that @kimbleseven has one that I can play from time to time. Congrats..
  9. MCA's were built to be bullet proof and in the most part then out lasted other joysticks in arcades despite the abuse. I still have to NOS in boxes. I'll use them one day lol
  10. These don't come up often. Good luck mate. Timbo has a Black Knight??
  11. A real neon is 100% better than any of those knock off's you see on ebay etc ... Well worth the money asked.
  12. That's a great video mate. thx for posting. I love the variation we see in our day to day lives and actually taking the time to stop and enjoy them is worth the effort.
  13. Howdy legends Here is an updated player list as of today. Reserve your space by filling out this form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11BClznCG-7YhHGX3UX_PjVtzDW86QDpvrG8omDk9ptQ/edit As numbers increase we will consider placing caps. The Sunny coast crew have pinched the Pinball Airbnb, however a fairly budget accommodation solution could be the Madison Plaza Townsville, which is located above Empire (Empire is in a basement) so you'd be close to the action. https://madisonhotels.com.au/madison-plaza-townsville Cheers mates
  14. Try this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gz7fJbsbsLNi2NeQjZ7F0iK4jJBPphHGfJy6SisBBao/edit?usp=drivesdk
  15. What do you call a smart duck? A wise quacker
  16. It's what you can't see here.....night time Blackhawk formation flying. 3 choppers at night time using night vision only. Seems to be nothing for months on end and then one night this goes on for a couple of following nights. They do around 5 runs over two hours each night. Pretty cool actually. We go out to watch but you only get glimpses of them. Not much flys around here normally as it is no fly zone so close to the reactor except if your military and Holsworthy Base is just down the road where the Blackhawks come from. No fly zone till the fires come then it's a circus in the sky as it looks like everything that can carry a bucket of water is in the sky trying to stop Menai from burning to the ground, again.
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