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  • Windoze Solitaire for iOS

    Flash and I are proud to present our latest game for iOS! Windoze Solitaire. It's free too! Feedback is most welcome.
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      headkaze -
      Check out this review of the game.

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      headkaze -
      New in Version 1.1.1:
      ♠ Full iPhone 5 and iPad Mini support
      ♠ 10 new games added (Aces Up, Crazy Golf, Fred's Spider, Kings Corners, Monte Carlo, Napoleon in St. Helena, Number 10, Patient Doubles, Spanish Castles, Triple Pyramid)
      ♠ New game modes for existing games
      ♠ Autocomplete feature for Klondike
      ♠ Timed hints for many games
      ♠ Improved offline high scores
      ♠ New awards
      ♠ Game Pack 9 (free to purchasers of 'All Games Pack')
      ♠ iCloud syncing for saved games
      ♠ Fix for Monte Carlo end game
      ♠ Fix for game save
      ♠ Fix for music stopping when launching
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      headkaze -
      What's New in Version 1.2
      ♠ Removal of Open Feint
      ♠ Local leaderboard & achievement retention
      ♠ Longer timed hint delay
      ♠ Minor tweaks
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      headkaze -
      Another great Windoze Solitaire update.

      What's New in Version 1.3
      ♠ Game Pack 10 (As You Like It, Baroness, British Square, Captive Queens, Friday the 13th, Grandfather's Clock, Great Wheel, St. Helena, Sultan and Toad in the Hole)
      ♠ Stalemate checking added to all games
      ♠ Timed hints added to more games
      ♠ Automatic tableau building
      ♠ Fix for foundation error in Chessboard
      ♠ Fix for undo in Flower Garden
      ♠ Fix for loading of saved games in Monte Carlo
      ♠ Improved user interface
      ♠ Easier purchases of additional game packs
      ♠ Added effects to game completion
      ♠ Increased save positions
      ♠ More achievements
      ♠ 4 new deck designs (Dogs & More Dogs, Horror Classics, Screen Legends, and Vintage Gaming)
      ♠ Option to use the default iOS UI skin

      It's free on Appstore
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