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  • EOI - Meet with Q*Bert programmer Warren Davis - May 22-26 time frame

    Hello all.

    We have had interest from Warren Davis to attend the Gala-Gala event week at Pincadia. Warren would love to attend and give a presentation about his time as a classic arcade developer in the golden age of gaming, as well as other projects past and present.

    Warren has asked if we could gauge interest in how many people would attend a presentation. Time and date are to be confirmed, possibly a week night, or even a weekend late morning.

    At this stage, the event will either be free, or very low cost ($10 or so). There would obviously be a Q&A session with Warren, and a chance for autographs.

    Please reply here if you would have an interest in meeting Warren to help make this happen.

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      Barra -
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      John73 -
      All but a done deal - Warren will be attending.

      More information in the next week or two with times and dates for talks - might be able to line up a panel with Warren, Dwayne Richard and John McAlister.
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