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  • The ďLetís Help Send Lambo To The IFPA FinalsĒ Fundraiser.

    I am not sure if you are aware but Lambo has accepted a place in the IFPA finals event in Italy in June. The expected cost will be in excess of $5k so I am calling on everyone to help out pay for some of this trip. I donít expect we will raise the full cost but every cent will help.
    I donít need to tell you what Lambo does for the pinball community so all I am asking is that we repay him for some of his time and effort he puts in organising all of the awesome events we get to attend.
    Whenever you see one of the below tins please chuck in some loose change or even a note. If you canít find the tin donít worry I will be letting everyone know where it is [emoji3526].
    I will also hopefully be setting up a PayPal account so anyone that doesnít make it to an event and would like to donate still can.

    Corey is also doing a fundraiser on Australia Day for both of the Australian participants if you arenít already aware.

    Thank you all in advance.

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