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    Hey mates

    Am pretty excited to announce that The Queensland Royal Show, affectionately know as The Ekka, have offered us over 350m2 to host a pinball and arcade showcase over the entire 10 days of Ekka.

    The space is up next to The Stockmans bar and has the potential to hold 60 pinball and 20 arcade machines.

    The Ekka has over 400,000 people through it's gates each year so this is a massive opportunity to showcase the competitive pinball and arcade scene we all work so hard on.

    The Ekka have very generously offered that people competing in any of the events will get free entry through the gates, plus at some stage next year a discount code will be offered so competitors can buy discounted entry for family and friends.

    We will be aiming for most events to finish early evening so players can meet up with family and friends and hit the rest of the Ekka grounds for fireworks and all the silliness the Ekka holds.

    Will keep this post updated regularly and most of the individual comps will have their own thread here on AA but a rough outline will look like this:

    1st Weekend - 9/10/11 August
    - Australian Kong Off 3
    - 3 pinball events including a Classics comp

    Mid Week - 12/13/14/15 August
    - kids arcade and pinball master classes
    - kids arcade and pinball competitions
    - world record arcade runs

    2nd Weekend - 15/16/17/19
    - Thursday night warm up pinball event
    - 5th Brisbane Pinball Masters - A Stern Pro Circuit Event
    - Inaugural Australian Arcade Championships
    - Closing Party Flip Frenzy

    All event tickets and merchandise will be sold via eventbrite in the first quarter of next year with all links in this original thread and any corresponding threads.

    We will also be using this as a reason to create a not-for-profit group for the pinball and arcade scene in Brisbane. There are several reason's for doing this but mostly we are hoping that it will help attract sponsors as all donations will be tax deductible, will help if we ever need a liquor licence for a future event and it also helped get things over the line with Ekka. It will be known as the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective (BPAC) with people forming a committee from the Brisbane arcade bars and competitors/collectors scene.

    This is going to be a massive undertaking so if anyone has any time, can provide tech help throughout or machines to offer please let us know. Bump in to the event will be a good 2 to 3 week window and all machines will be on pay-per-play when not in a competition. Like previous years with the Brisbane Masters people who provide machines will get discounted entry into events plus this year owners will also earn split from coin drop in the machines.

    Coin drop split:
    • 50% Owner
    • 40% Ekka
    • 10% BPAC

    If you would like to loan an arcade machine for the event please send me a PM and or if you would like to loan a pinball machine or two please get in contact with Lambo when you can at Please keep in mind that any machines need to be on site from around the 4th of August through to the 19th with a functioning coin mech. You are welcome to use the site to mark any machines within the comp you want to sell with a For Sale sign.

    Again this is going to be a monster event so any help will be greatly appreciated. If all goes well this year, Ekka have suggested we could get a bigger space next year which may pave the road to include vendors, stalls, talks and seminars.

    We already have two sponsors for the event in AMD and Netherworld though I am still looking for a more to help with running costs and to fly out some arcade and pinball celebrities from the USA. If you know of anyone who would like to help out please send them my way. We have the likes of Richie Knucklez, Walter Day and Billy Mitchell waiting in the wings for the call up if we can secure a big enough sponsor.

    There are already a couple of threads up for the individual events:

    Lot's more info to come mates. More than I can succinctly convey right now to be honest

    Please stay tuned

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