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  • I've just released a Retro-Arcade game on Steam for PC :)

    Hey AA,

    TLDR: (too long, didn't read) skip to end of the post for the Steam store and launch trailer, there's a manual on the store with more in-depth info about the game and features, more trailers, etc.

    About this project - Dogstar

    I've had an Arcade game in my head for years I wanted to make - originally, it was to be a multiplayer gravity/inertia shooter like the 1977 vector landmark SPACE WARS but with updated game mechanics, powerups, and a campaign, mission-based linear level progrssion mode. Last year in June I started to learn about game design and started learning how to code for games. Fast forward 18 months later, and i'm stoked to say that Dogstar is released on Steam for PC. The game changed and evolved along the way and got Campaign modes for 1P and 2P, a local 2P deathmatch mode, a high score board like the games of old but globally connected so you can compete against players scores from all over the world, and heaps more.

    Dogstar is a hybrid of some of my favourite 'Golden Age' Arcade games - Space Wars, Gyruss, Asteroids Deluxe, Gravitar, with some Galaga-esque bonus stages, a sprinkle of Ebonstar (Amiga) and my own ideas and game mechanics like mass destruction elements, hidden features, powerups, crafting, combo kills, and so on. It's a budget title ($4.99) and a simple game, with simple goals: kill the enemies, rescue your comrades, and escape the level and continue along to your goal. Fight to the enemy base of venus, where the Alien Horde awaits you, Boss fights, and a final Planet-busting showdown. A steady difficulty curve all the way to the finish, 2 skill levels, and 2 mission levels. The game is able to be marathoned, the AI gets tougher/faster/smarter and adds new abilities the deeper you get into it, just to keep you on your toes. I wanted it to feel faithful to the Arcade games of old - a challenge at first, but patience and practice reaps rewards.... but, anyone with Arcade skills in this Genre should adapt pretty quickly to what you have to do, and things start off pretty slow and easy down Jupiter way.

    I'd like to thank a few AA'ers for their input to my project during the last 18 months:

    @OOO - AA's MGL gamemaster, who provided very useful advice and reccomendations when testing an early prototype. OOO's advice helped make the game much friendlier for noobs, the initial versions were brutally difficult for pretty much everyone.

    @Fairground - way back responded to my request for a graphic designer to do a title screen for the game, and her daughter did an amazing job, exactly what I wanted, a tribute to Blake's 7.

    @Barra - Arcade gamer elite - provided some advice when I asked him about Galaga's challenging stages - which ones he liked best, and why he liked them. His thoughts helped when i was designing wave patterns for the Dogstar bonus stages. Barra, you'll see a hint of Galaga in those wave patterns... mine are a bit different with two different perfects for wave kills and 100% comrade saves (that one is tough...) plus they can be played 1 or two player simultaneous, with each player getting their own mirror-wave.

    Thanks for reading, and game on The steam store contains more info, a link for the game manual for more detail about game elements, and more trailers. Dogstar is retailing for $4.99 (US) with 15% off in the first 30 days launch discount.

    Steam Store:

    Youtube trailer:
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