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    In the interest of a bit of product awareness/shameless self promotion and a thankyou to the Aussie Arcade community I'm giving away a free RaspberryJAMMA version 3 (AKA ArPiCade) Raspberry Pi JAMMA adaptor & 16gig SD card (you will need to supply your own Pi). Optionally, I can customise the bootsplash and loading screens for the winner as well as the monitor orientation and system resolution, any custom images woud need to be provided by the winner.

    All you have to do to have the chance to win is either have more forum posts than me or an earlier joining date and post that you're interested in winning in this thread. If you already have a RaspberryJAMMA you can still try your luck but it's one entry per person. Sorry if the terms mean you can't enter but I wanted it to be something for active members of the community (please don't join the forum today, spam 500 posts and hope to be rewarded with a prize, that would be uncool).

    I'll post when entries close (probably in a few days) and do some sort of draw next week, the winner will be randomly selected, probably by a script I haven't written yet.

    If you are unaware of the RaspberryJAMMA it's the original (and still best, in my opinion) way to convert a Raspberry Pi into a true JAMMA board requiring no mods to work in a standard JAMMA cab (or reconfigured for a high res cab). It is a 100% Australian designed and manufactured PCB, coated in gold, dipped in chocolate (not actually chocolate dipped, this ones a joke) and personally hand assembled. RaspberryJAMMA can be used to make custom multi boards or to replace a dedicated board while repairing the original to keep cabs running, it would even make a great game development system to make an original JAMMA game. To find out more about the board there's a tonne of info in the RaspberryJAMMA bit of the sponsors section.
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