Aussie Arcade

    AIM, Cosmetic surgeons to the pinball world for over 10 years now. Playfield, Back-glass, Acrylics and Cabinet restorers, rejuvenators, renovators and customisers.

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    Boof ed

    Boofs pinball meet

    Thread Starter: Boof ed

    Having my first little meet today. Ive had a few nights where friends come over for a few beers and a feed. None of the friends have pins. This time I

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    Apps to sd card

    Thread Starter: Sammo248

    Hi guys
    I have been trying to figure out how to put my apps on a sd card, so when i buy a new phone i just plug the sd card in and it will be all

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    Jamma switch between standard and Chinese pcbs

    Thread Starter: T2S88


    I have a namco lcd clone cabinet with a tatio type X2 my buttons are wired in standard Jamma with a kick harness, they are using a

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    Part numbers for Gottleib 1976 Card Whiz flipper rebuild

    Thread Starter: femto

    I am wanting to improve my Card Whiz flippers by replacing parts. Trouble is I do not have a parts list for this game. Can anyone tell me the part numbers

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    Game 9 VPGL9 VPX Demolition Man {closes Nov 5}

    Thread Starter: skids

    Next up is Acejas's pick of Demolition Man

    you know the deal

    This table will run for two weeks and will

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    What type of cab is this?

    Thread Starter: NiNJA

    Hey all. Anyone know what type of cabinet this is and any more details?

    We have 4 sited cabs at work set to free play but havent seen this

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