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    AIM, Cosmetic surgeons to the pinball world for over 10 years now. Playfield, Back-glass, Acrylics and Cabinet restorers, rejuvenators, renovators and customisers.Ē

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    Demo Man - left flipper fail

    Thread Starter: Anth87

    Hi all,

    Was playing Demo Man tonight, using the triggers.
    Mid game pressing left gun trigger does not move left flipper.

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    33" and 38" monitors

    Thread Starter: Mick80

    Hi all

    Out of interest, and I've heard a bit to the contrary, but is there any 33" or 38" monitors that give a good picture? That

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    Oktoberfest by American Pinball

    Thread Starter: Ando77

    I had a feeling this would be special.

    A lot going on with this new release, plenty of value, tons of fun.

    I think AP have done

    Last Post By: Railways 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Namco System 11 Board Tekken graphics issue

    Thread Starter: larz

    Hello bought Tekken its a Namco system 11 board I was told and this is my graphical issues any assistance be greatly appreciated. I have given it a basic

    Last Post By: larz 13 Hours Ago Go to last post
    pinball god

    Could this be the real sparky?

    Thread Starter: pinball god

    This made me laugh. The guy looks like donny modeled sparky from him

    Last Post By: Glenn70 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Pax tournament

    Thread Starter: DJ-pinball

    Does anyone know where/how registration is happening for the tournament at pax?
    (Sorry if Iím missing it somewhere obvious)

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