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  • AA T-Shirts 2014 - Order your shirt here!

    Orders are now being taken. Please read all of the information below before ordering. If you have any queries, please post them here and I'll get back to you ASAP. Please check this post periodically as I will add information/answers as they come up.

    COST: $25.00 + postage if applicable. All profits will be returned to Aussie Arcade.
    * The above is a quick proof of the shirt, a final proof image will be posted in the coming days.

    1. Colours
    Shirts will be available (while stocks last) in the following colours. If we sell the initial 100 shirts as we expect to, we will be able to take requests for additional shirts. Colours : Black, Steel (grey - see image) and Royal Blue. The Steel colour is limited in the larger 3XL+ sizes.

    2. Sizes
    The following sizes will be produced immediately - Medium, Large, XL, 2XL & 3XL. Small, 4XL & 5XL are available only by pre-order and may not be available for collection at the Pinball Expo.

    3. Delivery (Pinball Expo) Patrons
    Shirts will be available for collection at the Pinball Expo. You can either pay at the time of collection, or preferably pay up front and just collect when you arrive. A shirt will be held aside for you if you pay up front, if you intend to pay at the Expo we can not guarantee your choice of colour & size will be available. There is no delivery charge if you collect at the Expo.

    4. Delivery (Non-Pinball Expo)
    $12.00. Shirts will delivered either by courier or Australia Post (express/parcel). International orders please contact me. It would be beneficial if we could get local businesses/AA sponsors in each state to act as pick up points to minimise delivery fees (which we will then pass on to you). If you can help out, please PM me and I'll add you to the list of pick up points. Any additional money collected from delivery will either be refunded to you or donated to AA at your request. If you are not picking up from a central delivery location, please if at all possible have the delivery made to a business or work place where the items can be signed for. Deliveries can be left at a home address without a signature at your own risk, or if a signature is requested you will need to arrange redelivery directly if you are not home.

    5. What Size Do I Need?
    The best way is to find a current t-shirt that fits your well. Lay the shirt flat with the front side showing. DO NOT measure the shirt while you are wearing it! Measure across the chest from approximately 2cm below the armpit seam and then see the sizing chart above. Please allow for between 3%-5% for shrinkage as these are cotton shirts. If in doubt, go one size bigger or maybe if you are like me just risk it and lose some weight if the shirt is too tight

    6. Stubby Holders & Keytags
    These will also be available, and can be paid for at the same time, either for delivery or collection at the Pinball Expo. Pricing at this stage looks like $5 per stubby cooler and $3- per keytag. These will have the standard Aussie Arcade logo

    7. Payment
    Payment needs to be made directly to me. When you place your order, I will contact your via PM (please make sure your inbox is not full) with banking details and PayPal details. Direct deposit is preferable to stuffing around with PayPal.

    8. ETA
    Shirts are expected to be ready on Nov 7th, plenty of time for the Pinball Expo.

    9. Availability
    We have 100 shirts on order, the majority of which are Large, XL and 2XL (based on previous years sales). Before taking orders for specific colours, we need to sell 90% of that sized shirt stock. i.e. we have about 21 Large shirts coming - if we sell out of black (9 of them), we will not be able to process additional orders for more black if we still have 12 shirts (steel & blue) remaining. First come first serve - so get in quick.
    Order Status:

    10. How To Order
    First come first serve on initial stock. I will post below what is remaining from the first batch shortly. To order, please post in this thread. Number of shirts of each size and colour required, number of stubby holders and number of keytags. I will contact each person by PM to confirm your order and stock availability. If we run out of the colour you want, I will take "back orders" that will be ordered only once we sell the required number of shirts from the initial batch of 100 - if we don't sell then you can either pick a different colour or cancel.

    Information about your order will be updated below, including shipping info when available. Please check back here regularly.
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    1. illawarra_steelers's Avatar
      illawarra_steelers -
      good one john..

      i'll take large, steel, gather at expo, will pay when you send payment details.
    1. Benny's Avatar
      Benny -
      I'm in for a black small, stubby holder and 2 keytags
    1. Brad's Avatar
      Brad -
      1 x XL Steel for me please john!

      Sorely tempted on a Royal Blue one too

    1. Johns-Arcade's Avatar
      Johns-Arcade -
      I'll order an XL, steel please John.

      Thanks for taking the time to organise these.


    1. Andyj965's Avatar
      Andyj965 -
      Thanks John. I'll take a Steel XL and 2 stubby coolers please.
    1. zanderzone's Avatar
      zanderzone -
      I will take a Large in Steel.
      Pick up at Expo
    1. jono's Avatar
      jono -
      1 x medium steel (if available) or large if that is the smallest option. Pick up at Expo. Thanks Jono
    1. FLEX's Avatar
      FLEX -
      I will grab a steel one, and a black one, both in large. Also 2 x stubby holders. Can pickup at expo and am happy to pre-pay if you send through details .
    1. pocketscience's Avatar
      pocketscience -
      1x XL in steel, 1x stubby holder, 1x key tag please.

    1. John73's Avatar
      John73 -
      Thanks for all the early orders guys. I'll be in touch in the next day or two via PM.

      Lots of people going for the Steel colour - I'll posts what was ordered tomorrow (which colours/sizes). Pretty much its about 45% black, 45% steel, 10% Blue. I'll contact the supplier and see if they can wait another day or two before ordering the shirts and get more steel if that is the way it is trending. I'm actually in for a blue one - I'm more of a blue shirt kinda guy
    1. highlander2287's Avatar
      highlander2287 -
      I will take 1x XL in steel please.
    1. furballx's Avatar
      furballx -
      Guys, I edited Johns first post slightly to reflect a price range for stubby holders and key-rings as I have not 100% finalised pricing from the supplier just yet.

      Stubbies went to $5-6 and keyrings went to $3-4. The final price will be as low as I / we can make it once they go on sale.
    1. rusty_dagger's Avatar
      rusty_dagger -
      Hi John. Will there be a shipment of these heading to Brisbane before Expo?
    1. John73's Avatar
      John73 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rusty_dagger View Post
      Hi John. Will there be a shipment of these heading to Brisbane before Expo?
      At this stage they should be ready approx. Nov 7th - so yes. Those that have ordered for delivery - i.e. not going to Expo - will be ready and most likely sent prior to the Expo starting. And yes, the shirts are being supplied ex-Brisbane, so those having them home/work delivered, they will be sent from here.

      The Stubby Coolers and Keytags - no. They will be available at the Expo, I will ask @WOKA to bring these back with him from the Expo as he is taking the shirts down. Please note that if you want a combination of Shirts, Stubby Coolers & Keytags, I will have to wait until the Expo is over to ship them all at the one time.
    1. raysco's Avatar
      raysco -
      Can I have a 2xl in Blue and a stubby cooler please.
      Pick up at expo but I can pay when you send details.
    1. WOKA's Avatar
      WOKA -
      That Woka bloke will be heading home at midday on Sunday, so get in early or someone else can be the mule.

      1 x steel 2XL for me thanks John.!
      2 x Stubbie Coolers
      2 x Keyrings

    1. John73's Avatar
      John73 -
      Quote Originally Posted by WOKA View Post
      That Woka bloke will be heading home at midday on Sunday, so get in early or someone else can be the mule.

      1 x steel 2XL for me thanks John.!
      2 x Stubbie Coolers
      2 x Keyrings

      Who is the 2XL for? If you are a 2XL then I'm a 10XL... wtf?
    1. dezbaz's Avatar
      dezbaz -
      Can I grab:
      1 x Black XL Shirt
      1 x Blue XL Shirt
      4 x Stubby coolers, please

      Thanks for all the effort guys
    1. rusty_dagger's Avatar
      rusty_dagger -
      I will take
      1 x Blue L
      1 x Stubby Holder.
      and then wait for the MGL shirt.

      Well done for organising.
    1. Brett2280's Avatar
      Brett2280 -
      I will get
      1 2xl black
      1 2xl steel
      1 keyring

      I will pick up at expo. Thanks.
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