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Update VP & More

If you have a virtual DMD display or desktop the Baller installer works seamlessly. Follow the instructions closely and make a backup of your Visual Pinball files

To upgrade to 32/64 bit follow Smaugs tutorial. This has everything you need to know and works on the basis that you have started with the baller installer. Make sure to copy the new scripts when updating to the latest Visual Pinball files. New core vbs files and others are required to run the newer versions of VisualPinballX

This is a link to Smaugs tutorial and guide. In the mean time  use the links below to access the latest, VisualPinballX, VpinMame, Freezy, FlexDMD, B2S, DOF & Pinup

Note: To navigate Github Select the Tab on the top left and the latest release should be on the right or bottom. Remember you must create an account and login to access the files.

Link to guide



Below is Rajo Joey's links to the required files. Links to these are also on the 64bit upgrade guide which I hope will be here soon.


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    Rajo Joey 

    Yes, that's it. I've used the Baller Installer three times above the old installation and it works. But for your install, I think, it's better to move the old folder in a backup folder. Then download the following files:
    Note: This is a link to the 2022 baller installer. I started with this then at the end added the updates
    This is where baller installer is located on discord
    You have to be logged in github to download. The take 32bit. If everything works, you can try the 64bit versions.
    Visual Pinball. Contribute to vpinball/vpinball development by creating an account on GitHub.
    update to latest · vpinball/vpinball@b1f3a00
    B2S Backglass Server and Designer for use with Visual Pinball - B2SWindowPunch: Ignore minimized windows. List position and size of w… · vpinball/b2s-backglass@5e7a8e0
    B2SWindowPunch: Ignore minimized windows. List position and size of...


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