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The Visual Pinball Gaming League (VPGL) is a fun, all inclusive way to play Visual Pinball games with like minded people. The players nominate the games to be played and they are selected at random with a balance of EM, SS and DMD games played throughout each competition. It's a great environment to hone your pinball playing skills learning and sharing how to maximise scores and understand rule sets. 2023 season has started and this is first competition of the year, Notorious Nudging.
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    is there a link for the stream ?
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    Game Cub Central is doing a prerelease show for TimeLord 3.0 on Monday29th May at 9:30 am Australian Eastern Standard Time. It's a pretty casual affair. Smaug plays the game while chatting with the Table Author and audience. For those unfamiliar TimeLord series, flyers from the virtual reality room are included below. The TimeLord 3.0 game can be played in a Virtual reality, desktop or virtual pinball cabinet using the latest Visual Pinball X format. TimeLord 3 follows on with success of TimeLord 2 with lots of new features, 3ball/5ball Hard/Easy selection, New DMDs, table graphics and lighting, new game callouts, multiball ball saver enabled. If you'd like to pop in for a chat you are more than welcome. 9:30am AEST is 7:30pm Sunday night in Ohio where the promo is taking place. As a bonus for our Aussie Arcade club you have access to the latest version game here An updated version of this game with new pregame callouts will be the one that is released. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15lXBMvo8lsGPlnyrSCNXW3l9BN1fjxsm/view?usp=share_link For those not familiar with virtual pinball the link below is a review of games released in January. The TimeLord 2 review starts at the 9 minute mark. www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMKb2FcdWC48&usg=AOvVaw0vTN0aD0EYJi5JYgHJw5yU
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    Right, now can I get back to my coconut tree!
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    Definitively better. Lets see what the EM masters can do. I'm certainly not one of them
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    Fire queen is much more fun...and targets reset and extra ball lights at the 5 set when the green targets are completed and you can get 2x bonus in an ball and it looks good and this may even get crackers out from under the coconut trees, sipping nice cold beers and have a game😁...and cowabunga
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    Unfortunately this part of the game is not working. I looked for another version but I could only find the 2 player version Fire Queen which was done by Borgdog and available on VPUniverse. It is a beautiful game. Unfortunately this game we are playing is broke. I'll extend the game close date and make fire queen available. Its fun
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    I'm not sure what happened with Game 8 Big bang bar. I mustn't have saved it correctly. The game closes midnight Sunday 15th AEST
  9. Not sure what happened with Big bang Bar. But it closes this Sunday night. It's a fun game. I finally got the gig bang which was very cool.
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    I cant get an extra ball. I can knock down every target and still not light the extra ball. Also the drop targets dont reset, is that normal?
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    Little Chief is now closed and congratulations to Crakkers taking this scalp and placing himself in Aussie Arcade VPGL history. Sitting Bull second goes to Kane & Kemosabe 3rd to Legin. Congratulations to the podium and thankyou to everyone who participated Game 7 Little Chief Player Score Points Crackers 141,590 1 100 Kane 133,000 2 99 Legin 129,020 3 98 RusstyT 103,030 4 97 Richard M. 55,640 5 96 Almorte 42,780 6 95
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    Just a game update. The original version we started playing has lots of issues so I extending the game close date by 2 weeks to the 11th June and making the 2 player version of the game, Fire queen available to play. The game can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/6318-fire-queen-gottlieb-1977/ The backglass can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/3766-fire-queen-gottlib-1977/ Welcome to game 9 of VPGL23. We are playing the 1977 Gottleib EM 4 player game Vulcan nominated by Visual Pinball man of mystery and intrigue...Richard-dot-.m. Scores can be submitted until midnight (AEST) on the Sunday 21st May When this game was released Bally was dominating the pinball market with advancements in solid state technology, Gottleib was purchased by Columbia pictures in 1976 and they weren't prepared to invest in the new solid sate technology. The game was designed by ED Krynski and the artwork done by Gordon Morison. There may be later versions of the game that I am unaware of which players are welcome to play and share the game for which the score is submitted. This game is the 4 player version of Fire Queen 2 player game and players may choose to play this if they wish. Yes what a wonderful trip down memory lane when the Datsun 180B was the car with all the option you could ever dream of This is a link to the game and good luck to all Contestants. Who can hold the lightning longest and be heralded forever in the Aussie Arcade hall of Fame as "Vulcan"πŸ™‚ https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11711
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    Cat's Out of the bag.😊
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    Knock down the 3 targets on the upper level, then go through the loop behind them. Keep the left flipper up, this knocks the ball into the hole on the top right. When it kicks out you just need to time it right and you can volley the shot back around the loop again with the left flipper. I could do it over and over, bit boring
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    Now that this table is finished, what was your secret strategy?
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    Solar Fire is now closed. What a fantastic opportunity to play this rare Gem. RusstyT tamed the Zap to take GOLD just pipping Legin in second. Crakkers finished with a dry sail to take 3rd and knock Kane off the podium. Thankyou to all involved Game 6 Solar Fire Player Score Points RusstyT 1,931,300 1 100 Legin 1,845,040 2 99 Crackers 1,475,650 3 98 Kane 1,200,400 4 97 Jed 814,280 5 96 Richard M. 596,080 6 95
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    Yep, it's part of the comp........and shits & giggles! Not sure why the font is different though - I think Russty has been fiddling. 😊
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    I like this one. Its a bit of a novelty to be able to catch the ball in an EM. Are we playing Big Bang Bar as part of the comp or is just for shits and giggles?
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    Talk about split second timing. 6 days late to officially close game 6 go VPGL23. Drum roll please. Our acrobatic master is Kane taking first place in this incredibly fun game. RusstyT is looking dazzling in his silver onesy in the 2nd trapeze catching position and legin is looking splendid in his bright shiny bronze outfit, looking tight in the meat and potato region like Matt Shervington in a 100m dash. Meanwhile entertaining the crowd in the clown car shooting streamers and blowing the horn and entertaining the crowd are Crakkers and the mysterious Richard.m. Congratulations to all involved and Congratulations to Kane for taking out 1st place. Game 5 Split Second Player Score Rank Points Kane 1,658,760 1 100 RusstyT 1,474,570 2 99 Legin 1,245,920 3 98 Crackers 1,056,840 4 97 Richard M. 403,710 5 96
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    I'm sure Taito would have released a version called La Nino Indio
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    So Gottlieb released Big Brave in 1974, then Williams released Little Chief in 1975. Hmmmm.....
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    Welcome to game 7 of VPGL23. We are playing EM game Little Chief which was nominated by the EM King Crakkers. WE are playing the 5 ball version. The game closes on Sunday 28th April at 12.00am Midnight AEST. This is a link to JP Salas recent release with his his Version 4 physics. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=16731 Little chief was released by Williams in 1975. designed bySteve Kordek and artwork by Christaian Mark. One hint only for this game. Completing the A & B rollovers opens the the fee ball gate. All the best and may the best player be crowned the Aussie Arcade Little Chief.πŸ™‚ Score Entry
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    Great score! I'm struggling to improve on either table at the moment.
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    I found a shot which you can hit over and over with little or no risk and it scores well. This is how I got my 1.8M. This one is quick, got to be fast with the magna save button but it still doesnt always save you if you catch it!
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    I'll put my score in the proper place! I had forgotten about the new method. Yeah getting DMD to show was one of my major issues to get solved with VR. No problem with regular Solid state DMD games, but any VP Originals or anything that uses FlexDMD, is extremely fussy to get working. I got 3 out of 4 'green ticks' on the setup for Flex, but it then told me my versioning doesn't match to give me the 4th green tick. It's like you need a f*cking degree in Computer Science to get VP fulling working in VR without any issues. I can totally understand the amount of frustrated messages I see online from people throwing their hands up at it all, despite all the guides out there.
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    Solters mentioned that random stuff like that happens in a discussion I was having about VR DMD not showing for my configuration.

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