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The Visual Pinball Gaming League (VPGL) is a fun, all inclusive way to play Visual Pinball games with like minded people. The players nominate the games to be played and they are selected at random with a balance of EM, SS and DMD games played throughout each competition. It's a great environment to hone your pinball playing skills learning and sharing how to maximise scores and understand rule sets. 2023 season has started and this is first competition of the year, Notorious Nudging.
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    I had a brief chat with army aviation about it. The game is not to proper scale and he invited me to redo it if i could find the table blueprint. Mate I'm lucky to find my way out the door and don't like my chances of finding such a thing😉 I 'd have a go if I could find it. I wasalso going to tweak it to make it easier but after seeing the monster score crackers posted I couldn't do it. I'd prefer to go down the performance hancing drug route with that fellah. Man that score is a full Friday night kombucha run. I doubt if he could remember the game. Probably woke on the lounge and through bleary eyes went shit that's not bad.....🤪
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    It's a fun table, but a bit brutal. Your observations are spot on.
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    I'm very sad to say that I'm not very fond of harry Williams. Every time the ball disappears quicker than I can react I see his name on the left side drain. 🤨I'd be really interested how the game plays with nfozzy. The lane graphics suggest to me that the lane guide wire is a little short. I'm not sure when the ball hits the lower playfield I see five shots 1. right targets....gives a left lane drain 2. right shot between right bumper and targets and hope it hits the 4x and big flipper area 3. middle between bumpers and hope it gets caught in one of the cradles..... miss it and its bye bye ball 4. left spinner chases suit and gets you to the gigantic flipper....miss it and its all over 5. slings change suit then try to capture and go through the bumperers......... The flippers half under the slings eliminates a back hand shot and forget to take this into consideration when making a tight shot and straight down the guts. It's a tough game and I'd be very interested how it would play with nfozzy and the insane guides a little higher. I'm right that insane guide is too short. I think we raise that up and see how we go. Any Objections
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    Ooh man...You'll need a case Crackers 231920.....I am the Gold Finger.....🤩
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    Not for long - it's Friday.....and you know what that means!
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    Played real pinball tonight.. Just checking to see that I'm still the Silver Surfer.😁
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    ooooh....been a while since I've been commando....sounds like fun 😁
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    Righto, challenge accepted! You'll have your bronze undies back soon Russty, and who knows, if the msyterious Richard.M chimes in you might be going commando!
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    Yeh this one has been popular. Legin went on a health kick and nominated all sport themes at one stage. World cup soccer I think was on the list. Well I'm improving and happy to say....Crackers your now wearing the bronze undies😆 186910 best tonight in the home of steel and coal dust.
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    I've found that sometimes it just stays in that monster flipper zone for ages. Once it comes down there can be strife though! Yep, big one coming tomorrow night!
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    We've played this one before at some point, so I still remember the strategy, knockin down those 5k drop targets.
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    Haha. The old crocodile dundee flipper. @CrakkersJust checked the scoreboard and I'm not happy. Is not even Friday. 😁Nice game mate
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    I used the smart missile. 329,339,870 . I'm not a big fan of the game of the game play....probably because I can't finish a mode........who picked it.....oops....That was me. Oh well good to try something new. i like the ripper super return.
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    Woh improved my score and got the plunge working nice and was think the cab had an advantage over desktop. And bam out of Tasmania comes the Tasmanian Devil. 220,000 is a great game Kane. You got some patience. I'll have to rethink my strategy
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    Now that's what I call a flipper! Pretty brutal build though, fast and can't survive very long.
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    1 smart missile per game gets something. Does any one know how to use it.
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    Interesting game mate
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    Actually Russ, it was one of my nominations.......Volley was nominated by Legin and Last Action Hero is your handywork. I don't remember having any freezing issues with it......I'll check which version I have.
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    Currently a one horse race and I just overtook the first horse.....🤫shhhhh don't wake the troops
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    Kiss is now well and truly closed and a some very good scores . Congratulations to Kane taking gold and the 2023 Aussie arcade Kiss champion. Well done mate. Very unlucky Crackers not to get bragging rights on this one with a very well deserved Paul Stanley 2nd and wait for it.......drum roll please........the mysterious Richard.m takes to the podium in the bronze tracksuit and showing us the Gene Simmons tongue and sends the crowd wild. Beautiful work mate and thank you to all who participated .
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    Can't remember who nominated this one. It smells like one of Richard.m's but I remember Kane came up with safecracker. That was some game. This one was Really quirky and mesmerising watching that top flipper move the ball around the rollover cradles. Finally got it going and the game froze on ball 2 in the plunger lan. 385010 first ball........wooah weewah
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    Kicked this sucker off and put some scoreboard pressure on. I don't mind this game and its the first time I've submitted a game off the desktop. Lets see what humungous scores can be put up.
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    Well hold onto your cards. Our Solid state entry for game 3 of our 3 game mini comp is the Stern game Hot Hand. The game finishes 12:00am 3rd December So much work goes into making these games for our enjoyment. Please leave the authors a like and comment for you appreciation. it means a lot to them. There were 3793 of these units produced. the game seems a bit like roulette with the rotating flipper. Pretty cool. Army Aviations game can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/5957-hot-hand-stern-1979/ Wildmans' backglass here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/2340-hot-handstern-1979/ The ROM can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/1242-hothandzip/ Good luck to all our competitors.
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    Get out...Get out of my Cab....Boy are we in for a treat with this fantastic VPinWorkshop version of last action hero. There has been 8300 downloads of this game on VPU and the original data east machine had a production run of 5500 Units. This just shows the popularity of VPX virtual pinball. The game has so many cool features, magnets, nice ramps, scoops, Captive balls, upkicker, and a moving crane this is a super fun machine designed by a group of very talented designers including John Borg, Ed Cebula & Lyman F. Sheats Jnr . Art by Markus Rothkranz The VPin Workshop table can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/14466-the-last-action-hero-data-east-1993/ The backg; lass can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/2687-last-action-hero-data-east-1993/ You will need the lah_113 ROM which can be found here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/4033-last-action-hero-113-unofficial-mod/
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    We playing Volley game 1 of of a 3 game mini tournament. Scoring is the same we have done in previous competition based on ranking in each game played. We are playing and EM, SS and DMD game so come in and join us and enjoy some chat and fun leading into the Christmas Season. The game is open for 3 weeks closing at midnight on the 3rd December. No carry over scores, no kicking biting or gouging and the chair is strictly prohibited unless you really have to. Volley was released in 1976 and designed by Ed Krinski and art work by Gordon Morrison. The game we are playing is available on VPUniverse here https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/8185-volley-gottlieb-1976/ Have fun and lets see who we can fire up the ball machine and enjoy a nice cup of tea and scones

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