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The Visual Pinball Gaming League (VPGL) is a fun, all inclusive way to play Visual Pinball games with like minded people. The players nominate the games to be played and they are selected at random with a balance of EM, SS and DMD games played throughout each competition. It's a great environment to hone your pinball playing skills learning and sharing how to maximise scores and understand rule sets. 2023 season has started and this is first competition of the year, Notorious Nudging.
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    1,010,400........can we finish this game early - like now!
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    It doesn't come close to portraying what it actually looks like either in full 3 dimensions, the game looks fantastic under VPXVR v10.8. There are some issues with it though, the top playfield graphic does not display, and the plastics graphics on the slings are not there, not sure why
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    How good does the game look in VR. really nice
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    625,320 well it's a start. Playing in VR now i've got a working install at long last. This is a really fun game! I don't think I've ever played it. did it come before or after Flash Gordon ? The 3 ball mutiball on upper and lower at once is great. i couldn't find this game at all when I tried on the mobile version of AA. Had to come to PC and easily found it though.
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    Yes! this one has a VR Room, so I'm in. https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/11244-solar-fire-williams-1981-w-vr-room/
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    Flash Gordon is absolutely brutal in terms of outlane drains - still love it though!
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    Wow. I've never played a game where the ball can go down the guts at such speed. I'm way to slow to use the magna saves because normally the ball is heading down the side lane when I think of it.🤪Certainly keeps me on my toes and I'm hoping to bag a free game. I like the game more than Flash Gordon.
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    Links are going to temporary d/l links, not the file pages
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    Get your reflexes charged and nimble because you are in for one hell of a ride in game game 6 of VPGL 23 . SolarFire is nominated by the mysterious Richard.dot.m. Solar firewall released in 1981 by Williams and has a 2 level play field and 2 magna saves & no pop bumpers. Only 782 SolarFire games were produced so it is a real treat to be able to play this game. The game is designed by Barry Ousler and graphics by Constantino Mitchell. Barracora, Jungle Lord and Pharaoh were also released by Williams in the same year. In 1981 Stern released an incredible game Catacomb which was designed by Joe Joes, George Christian was working for Bally did eight ball deluxe, Ward Pemberton did Fathom & Jim Patla did Centaur. This was an incredible year of pinball innovation with incredible anxiety with the popularity of arcade gaming booming. Gottleib released Pink Panther & Blackhole.What a year for innovation & survival of pinball. Link to the game here https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15352 Link to the backglass https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9702 link to ROM solar_l2 https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=799 Score Entry.
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    VPGL23-Game 4 Dr Who is now closed. Navigating stuttering balls and table freeze and other punishments for violating the time expander will hopefully be a thing of the past with 64 bit VPX development. JoeSoap set the bar high early in this one but Kane's persistence finds him high on the podium with the golden darlek squawking exterminate. 😆JoeSoap is in 2nd & Legin 3rd. Legin made a bold prediction that there were a lot more points in this game and I think with the 64 bit software the games will be able to be pushed further. Really nice to see RusstyT pip Crakkers as their ding dong rivalry continues to be a source of much tension and anticipation in the Aussie Arcade arena. Richard.m has been unusually quiet. Beware the quiet ones..they pounce when least expected with all the wit and guile of Oscar Wild at a teddy bears picnic😁. Thankyou to all involved and Happy pinball one and all. Game 4 Dr Who Player Score Points Kane 1,977,493,330 1 100 JoeSoap 1,572,893,510 2 99 Legin 1,364,267,500 3 98 RusstyT 756,826,500 4 97 Crackers 528,235,940 5 96 Richard M. 216,242,730 6 95
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    Nice score mate
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    They always are. That's why I like VP so much, because it's easier you can explore all the features and actually finish a table. I've got the hang of the Biggus MOD version now and have managaed a big score for this, couldn't quite last to 2 billion though...
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    I played the previous version. It's much more bouncy. The latest 4.0 version plays like a wide body table. Huge difference between the versions. My 1.4 mill score was on the V4.0 I brightened up the playfield graphics if anyone is interested. If you'd like a copy I'll post a link.
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    Had a game of Doctor Who at the Perth Pinball Festival today. Definitely a lot harder in person. Had a few games on some other tables we have had in the comp in recent years. Was good to see so many new and old tables.
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    VPGL25-Game3 Junkyard is now closed. Congratulations to Legin who collected more junk the the rest of us dreamed of. Well done mate. Another great performance by Kane to take 2nd place ahead of our guest table author Tasty Wasps who takes the podium in 3rd place. Thankyou to all involved joining in to place this really fun and well made game. VPX keeps getting better and better.
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    It's one of those tables that goes surprisingly well with a few beers! 🍻
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    528,235,940.........JoeSoap and Legin have nothing to worry about, but I've made a break on RichardM and now have RusstyT and Kane in my sights. Probably too little, too late though.
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    I like it too. I still haven't figured out the rules. I just go for the drop targets
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    Just be aware that there is a bug in this game. Make sure the "Extra Ball" box in the F6 menu is not ticked. If it is ticked and you earn an extra ball, the game will go on forever........great if you want a really high score - not so great if you've got anything else to do.
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    267,243,040.......Thought I'd give RichardM a bit more to chase.
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    Wow, this table is awesome 👍
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    Game 4 of VPL25 nominated by Crackers is an SS from the stern electronics era. the marketing slogan "When timing is everything... everything hangs on a SPLIT SECOND." sets the tone of the game and good luck everyone. We are playing the 3 ball version of the game which can be selected by pressing F6. The Game Closes on 30th March at 12 midnight AEST Table Link https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15957 Backglass https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12550 Score Entry
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    Robot is well and truly closed and marks a successful start to our new club format. Huge thanks again to @Wylte for popping in and keeping us on our toes Kane takes first place with a monster score & RusstyT taking second place just ahead ahead of Joe Soap in 3rd place. With work being so busy for members of our VPGL it has been fantastic to see the new format allows players to have the time to have a game and submit a score.I'm looking for to our other club members popping in and having a game and sharing their insights.
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    Woohoo! I do believe Im just ahead of Kane. Momentarily very satisfying😁

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