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  2. Added my Swinks open sign today it looks awesome thanks Jady. My game had the wrong centre lane switch on it so the blade was too long. So instead of changing the switch I just foraged through the pin parts stash and used a longer screw and added a spacer to lift the sign up and it does the job perfectly.
  3. I proto-typed a OPEN sign for CFTBL to connect to the feature light so when the Snackbar is open the dome use to flash and stay lit. But with recent versions of the Snackbar v3-v7 you can't see this now with the OPEN sign with the same font as the Snackbar decal and Snackbar Sign it will glow up like the SnackBar sign. It is hard to get a good photo colour wise A - because I am crap at it and B - leds are hard to capture the true colour. The led wire still needs some heat shrink over the wires so the glow does not come out the back. But once assembled here there is no need to pull apart but is designed so it can. The sign will come with a lead and COMET bulb adaptor so it can be lit when the feature comes on.
  4. have a few stock Snackbar v7 mods if anyone is after one
  5. Hi, in case anyone near enough is interested... Regards, John.
  6. Though this topic would be a great candidate to try out the Club feature...that and I'm drunk. https://www.aussiearcade.com/clubs/
  7. Finally fitted the Version 5 Rom chip wow first thing I noticed zero led ghosting now to checkout the new features.
  8. Played some Creech yesterday....always has that one more game for me. It was my first full restore. Being a picky bastard....I am going to redo it all again now with the knowledge I have gained and also of course to custom things up alot. So I will have a nice full cabinet up for sale in a couple of months with full black ripple powdercoat hardware trim if anyone is keen. Might do some more pinsound work on it today!
  9. Added another Swinks/Jady mod today the “Poster mod” looks awesome.
  10. ended up getting some decals made - 2 different versions of the hidden decal for the rhs slingshot under the whirlpool for the rhs and whirlpool decals. Set 1 - Diver Slingshot and Whirlpool = $6 Set 2 - Spell Creature Slinghot and Whirlpool = $6 Buy both sets for $10. Postage $5 in a stiff mailer anywhere in Aus.
  11. Thanks to Jady (Swinks) I added some small mods. Drive in speaker for ramp and whirlpool switch cover. 🙂 Also a relative gave me this creature model.
  12. Fitted the new ramp chase lights Echo board yesterday wow what a change, I have it set on random light sequences great change. Also tweaked the pop bumper switches so now we have some great bumper action always thought they where abit slow not anymore 🙂
  13. if you need a light shroud for your CFTBL pinball backbox, head to the link and register with Shapeways to stay in touch with my new and current parts and when you register and log in you can access this file for free download and print yourself if you have a 3d printer. CREATURE Shroud https://www.shapeways.com/product/NKHRRSA6W/cftbl-quot-creature-quot-backbox-shroud for freebie download parts head to this link https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?q=swinksdownload&sort=newest
  14. No just found them on Pinside and printed them off 👌
  15. Bored today so I thought why not change the apron cards over lol they look good I think in pink.
  16. No not yet Scott as just got out of hospital from surgery so it’s on the back burner. Hoping someone in Australia makes one 😊
  17. Did you get the lighted panel mod mate. There’s been one for sale on Pinside.

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