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Crafty's 5th Pinball Meet

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After the last 4 epic events, and the promise that I would do it again


See here for photographic evidence of previous Crafty's First Meet - Adelaide 21st April 2018 - Aussie Arcade


2nd https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/s...se#post1719975


3rd https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/g...-this-saturday

When- Saturday, 27th November, 2021 from 6pm till you've had enough!

Where- Para Hills West, Adelaide, South Australia

Food & Drink - Dinner will be pizza ordered in and Soft drink will be supplied. Please bring your own alcohol & what ever floats your boat.

I will again have the Slushie Machine cranked with Bacardi & Cola.

10 Pinballs to play - if they hold up

Jurassic Park

NBA Fastbreak

Getaway HS II

Close Encounters (SS)

Bally Mariner (EM)

1971 Williams - Klondike (EM)

1971 Williams - Love bug (EM)

1971 Williams - Spanish Eyes (EM)

Gottlieb Wedge Head - Ship Ahoy (EM)

Gottlieb Amazing Spiderman

Arcade -

LAI Lowboy with 60 in 1

LAI Lowboy with Neo Geo Multi Cart

Tekken 5

Generic Upright with "King of Air" Vertical Schmups

2 x Linked San Franciso Rush driving cabinet's

Hydro Thunder Cabinet

Others -

Could be tempted to break out the Beer Pong Table

N64 in Upright Shop Display Cabinet

PM me your intentions & address details will be forwarded. If I don't know you please PM and all local AA member's are welcome

House rules

If you say you will attend, please show up.

No slappers or heavy shakers the tilt will be on.

If something goes wrong with any of my games tell me, please don't hack away.

No holding the flippers up while chatting away mindlessly.

No smoking in the house.

Food & drink is allowed in the gamerooms but not on the games.

If you start a game, finish it, Don't walk off in mid play.

(Format Knowingly copied from Gemini's Meet Thread )


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