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GameRoom Essentials Pinball Club Group Match play Thurs, 2nd Dec 2021


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The first Thursday of every month from 5pm-11pm is an IFPA registered group match play event.

Entry is $35 (or $30 for pinball club members).  Registrations will be capped at a MAX of 32 players.

There will be prizes and trophies for the top placings and of course POINTS POINTS POINTS.

A plaque with the winner of each month will be on display.

10 to 12 machines will be available for the competition. These can vary from new Stern/JJP to the classics.  The machines will be available for practice at the prior pinball club meeting (Thursday 7-10pm) and also during weekend lock-in sessions.

Doors open 5pm for practice and Round 1 starts at exactly 6pm (players registered by 5:50pm).  Any late arrivals can join in at the start of the next round. There will be 4 rounds which is expected to last 60-75 minutes per round.

Format: Group Matchplay
Seeding: IFPA ranking
First Round Pairing: Slaughter
General Pairing: Balanced
Player Order: Rotating
Scoring System: IFPA (7/5/3/1)(7/4/1)
Arena Draws: Balanced
Duration: 4 Rounds
Matches: 3 Per Round
Tiebreaker: Automatic
Event: Main
Estimated Number Of Players: 24
Meaningful Number Of Games/TGP: 24/96%
Unlimited Qualifying: No



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