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Pinberra 22


Event details



Following the success of the 2015 and 2016 Big Boys Toys Expo, the 2017 Ultimate Playground, the 2018 ACT Pinball Championships and the 2019 Australian Championship Series, the ACT Pinball Championships are here again!

Local Canberra pinball enthusiasts from ACT Pinball have kindly donated over 30 pinball machines for use at Pinberra ’22 which will be held at the Polish White Eagle Club commencing Friday 30 September and continuing through to Monday 3 October 2022. There will also be a selection of pinball machines available for the general public to play.

The full schedule of events, along with competition details, rules and pinball machine listings can be found here. Please also check the general rules and pinball etiquette guidelines and note that by purchasing a ticket you agree to abide by the guidelines set out by ACT Pinball.

*Ticket sales end at 11:55pm on Tuesday 27 September. 

Food and drink will be available throughout the weekend from the Asian Noodle House Food Truck and from the Polish Club’s restaurant. Local shops are also located across the road from the Polish Club.

A TV screen will also be available to watch the NRL grand finals.




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2-Game 7 Round
Flip Frenzy 8 Life Fair Strike ACT Pinball Championship Progressive 10 strike Target Matchplay  
1 Adam Barrow David Anton David Anton Adam Barrow Adam Barrow Adam Barrow 1
2 Murray Boyce David Anton David Anton Duane Barrow Duane Barrow Duane Barrow 2
3 Matthew Broderick Adam Barrow Adam Barrow Murray Boyce Murray Boyce Murray Boyce 3
4 Paul Chamberlin Murray Boyce Duane Barrow Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick 4
5 Tim Chapman Matthew Broderick Murray Boyce Paul Chamberlin Paul Chamberlin Paul Chamberlin 5
6 Emily Cosson Paul Chamberlin Matthew Broderick Tim Chapman Tim Chapman Tim Chapman 6
7 John Cosson Tim Chapman Paul Chamberlin David Collett Emily Cosson Emily Cosson 7
8 John Cosson Emily Cosson Tim Chapman Emily Cosson John Cosson John Cosson 8
9 Aaron Crichton John Cosson Emily Cosson John Cosson John Cosson John Cosson 9
10 Jessica De Mercurio John Cosson John Cosson John Cosson Aaron Crichton Aaron Crichton 10
11 Dylon De Sousa Aaron Crichton John Cosson Aaron Crichton Jessica De Mercurio Jessica De Mercurio 11
12 Aaron Draper Marty Cummins Aaron Crichton Jessica De Mercurio Dylon De Sousa Dylon De Sousa 12
13 Paul Eliseo Stephen Davis Jessica De Mercurio Dylon De Sousa Aaron Draper Aaron Draper 13
14 Ryan Finn Thomas Davis Dylon De Sousa Aaron Draper Paul Eliseo Paul Eliseo 14
15 Peter Giannopoulos Jessica De Mercurio Aaron Draper Paul Eliseo Ryan Finn Kyan Finn 15
16 Brett Goodwin Dylon De Sousa Paul Eliseo Ryan Finn Peter Giannopoulos Francesca Finn 16
17 Brett Goodwin Aaron Draper Ryan Finn Peter Giannopoulos Brett Goodwin Ryan Finn 17
18 Jeff Guidera Paul Dritsas Peter Giannopoulos Brett Goodwin Brett Goodwin Peter Giannopoulos 18
19 Justin Halstead Paul Eliseo Joshua Gollan Brett Goodwin Jeff Guidera Brett Goodwin 19
20 Gareth Hughes Kyan Finn Brett Goodwin Larissa Goscombe Justin Halstead Brett Goodwin 20
21 Simon Hui Francesca Finn Brett Goodwin Jeff Guidera Gareth Hughes Jeff Guidera 21
22 Paul Jones Ryan Finn Larissa Goscombe Justin Halstead Simon Hui Justin Halstead 22
23 Logan Jones Peter Giannopoulos Jeff Guidera Gareth Hughes Paul Jones Gareth Hughes 23
24 Kathleen Jurrjens Brett Goodwin Justin Halstead Simon Hui Logan Jones Simon Hui 24
25 Adam Kloppenburg Brett Goodwin Gareth Hughes Paul Jones Kathleen Jurrjens Paul Jones 25
26 Luke Marburg Larissa Goscombe Simon Hui Logan Jones Robert Macauley Logan Jones 26
27 Peter Menzel Jeff Guidera Paul Jones Kathleen Jurrjens Luke Marburg Kathleen Jurrjens 27
28 Michael Morrison Justin Halstead Logan Jones Robert Macauley Peter Menzel Robert Macauley 28
29 Jimmy Nails Gareth Hughes Kathleen Jurrjens Luke Marburg Michael Morrison Luke Marburg 29
30 Matthew Owen Simon Hui Adam Kloppenburg Peter Menzel Jimmy Nails Peter Menzel 30
31 Brett Paton Steve Hyde Robert Macauley Michael Morrison Matthew Owen Michael Morrison 31
32 Shannon Paton Paul Jones Luke Marburg Jimmy Nails Brett Paton Jimmy Nails 32
33 Tammy Paton Logan Jones Peter Menzel Matthew Owen Shannon Paton Matthew Owen 33
34 Shannon Paull Kathleen Jurrjens Michael Morrison Brett Paton Tammy Paton Brett Paton 34
35 Warwick Pearce Adam Kloppenburg Jimmy Nails Shannon Paton Shannon Paull Shannon Paton 35
36 Simon Peel Robert Macauley Matthew Owen Tammy Paton Warwick Pearce Tammy Paton 36
37 Chrysanthe Psychogios Luke Marburg Brett Paton Shannon Paull Simon Peel Shannon Paull 37
38 Curtis Sahariv Peter Menzel Shannon Paton Warwick Pearce Chrysanthe Psychogios Warwick Pearce 38
39 Steve Sahariv Lachlan Moore Tammy Paton Simon Peel Curtis Sahariv Simon Peel 39
40 Jan Saurbrey Lachlan Moore Shannon Paull Chrysanthe Psychogios Steve Sahariv Chrysanthe Psychogios 40
41 Petra Saurbrey Michael Morrison Warwick Pearce Curtis Sahariv Jan Saurbrey Curtis Sahariv 41
42 David Stavleu Jimmy Nails Simon Peel Steve Sahariv Petra Saurbrey Steve Sahariv 42
43 Jason Tedesco Mario Neou Chrysanthe Psychogios Jan Saurbrey David Stavleu Jan Saurbrey 43
44 Andre Thomson Mario Neou Curtis Sahariv Petra Saurbrey Jason Tedesco Petra Saurbrey 44
45 Mark Tibbetts Matthew Owen Steve Sahariv David Stavleu Andre Thomson David Stavleu 45
46 Zac Veron Rachel Oxenham Jan Saurbrey Jason Tedesco Mark Tibbetts Jason Tedesco 46
47 Scott Walsh Ted Oxenham Petra Saurbrey Andre Thomson Zac Veron Andre Thomson 47
48 Geoff Wilmot Mike Pamphilon Tobias Schubert Mark Tibbetts Jayson Walsh Mark Tibbetts 48
49 Tony Woods Mike Pamphilon David Stavleu Zac Veron Scott Walsh Zac Veron 49
50 Ted Woods Brett Paton Jason Tedesco Jayson Walsh Geoff Wilmot Scott Walsh 50
51   Shannon Paton Andre Thomson Scott Walsh Justin Withnell Geoff Wilmot 51
52   Tammy Paton Mark Tibbetts Geoff Wilmot Tony Woods Ted Woods 52
53   Shannon Paull Zac Veron Justin Withnell Ted Woods   53
54   Warwick Pearce Jayson Walsh Tony Woods     54
55   Simon Peel Scott Walsh Ted Woods     55
56   Curtis Sahariv Geoff Wilmot       56
57   Steve Sahariv Justin Withnell       57
58   Jan Saurbrey Tony Woods       58
59   Petra Saurbrey Ted Woods       59
60   David Stavleu         60
61   Jason Tedesco         61
62   Andre Thomson         62
63   Mark Tibbetts         63
64   Zac Veron         64
65   Jayson Walsh         65
66   Scott Walsh         66
67   Geoff Wilmot         67
68   Justin Withnell         68
69   Tony Woods         69
70   Ted Woods         70

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