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Battle of the Arcades Australia 2022 - September 24th and 25th


Event details


Ladies and gentlemen it is my great pleasure to announce Battle of the Arcades Australia 2022. 

The dates have been set. Old rivalries reignited. New rivalries smouldering. The battle lines drawn

September 24th and 25th

Game nominations are happening live this Thursday night from 5pm via the Netherworld twitch channel at twitch.tv/netherworldarcade

BOTA is one of the best events in the arcade calendar each year and is hands down on of my personal favourite events to be a part of. 

Format is simple. Two days with your team grinding out for your best scores across 10 different titles. Full format breakdown below.

Be sure to jump on the stream this Thursday for the NOMS mates. Oh yeah!!!!

Venues invited:

  • Netherworld
  • 1 Up Arcade
  • Pincadia 
  • Empire
  • Flipp’d


  • 1989 Arcade Bar
  • Game Centre - Ben Banasik
  • Beercade


  • Bartonica
  • Arcade Garage at Welcome to Thornbury
  • Pinball Museum


  • Amusement Works 


  • Barcadia at Planet Royale
  • Palace Arcade


  • Replay Arcade


BOTA 2022 Format:

Game Nominations:
- the competition will be played over 10 unique arcade video games
- each arcade will nominate 3 arcade games in preferential order
- nominations are to be emailed to jimmy@netherworldarcade.com by 5pm on the 24th of Feb and will be read out live on the Netherworld Twitch Channel
- arcades can not nominate the same games they nominated in 2019 or 2020/21 though arcades can nominate the same game that another venue nominated
- firstly each arcade competing will have their first nomination automatically included in the list
- if two or more arcades nominate the same game in position one, preference will be given to new arcades competing for the first time and or lower seeded venues from the 2021 BOTA results
- for example if Pincadia and Empire both nominate DK in position one, DK will be selected as the Pincadia submission and Empires #2 nomination will be added
- if we have less then 10 arcades competing the final games will be drawn from the 2 or 3 preferred position from the first time and or lower seeded venues from the 2021 BOTA results
- nominated games must ideally be common to all the arcades in the competition or be readily available on MAME or 'x in 1' boards
- nominated games must be playable with a standard 2, 4 or 8 way joystick and standard buttons
- no light gun, driving simulator, or other games with special controls can be nominated unless all the arcades have that specific machine
- each game must be set to TG settings unless different settings are decided upon prior to the beginning of the tournament
- each venue must nominate a team manager who will be responsible for inputting scores, managing queues and ensuring all games are on the agreed upon settings
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm - The Battle

- players may warm up prior to 10am
- players may come and go over the two day window as they please
- all attempts are to be made with 1 credit only, no continues
- competitors may have as many attempts at each game as he or she wishes within the two day time frame however no single attempt may last longer than 60 minutes
- all game scores will be rated amongst all arcades using the USA BOTA software designed by John Bartkiw
- once a player has completed a game on all 10 titles, their accumulated points will go toward the team total
- each venue may have an unlimited amount of players across the two days, though only the top 6 from each venues scores will go toward the team total
- all scores must be entered live as soon as a game is completed, no sandbagging
- the end of the tournament each day (6pm) is a hard cutoff and the score at exactly 6pm must be the recorded score
- efforts will be made for arcades in different time zones to start at the same time as the Brisbane venues though allowances will be made
- as this tournament runs on an honour system, no excessive leeching or glitch abuse allowed
- the team with the highest total points shall be crowned the Australian Battle of the Arcades Champion 2022!!



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