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    10 September 2021      12 September 2021

    The West Coast Pinball Festival is a fun community event held over 3-days in Perth, Western Australia focused on sharing the joy of playing pinball.
    With the rise of nostalgic arcade culture, pinball has experienced a massive worldwide resurgence over the past decade, including right here in Western Australia.
    Supported by some of the biggest names in pinball including Stern Pinball and Marco Specialties, as well as the local Aussies who tirelessly support the pinball community…we look forward to putting on a fantastic event for everyone to enjoy.

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    10 September 2021 11:00 PM

    For this September's Netherworld Arcade Club, we'll be digging into Iren's 1982 out of this world vehicular side scroller Moon Patrol with host Tyson!
    After that, we'll be moving onto an Arcade Attack. A two hour non stop head to head arcade comp over the games in the venue. You'll be assigned a new game (Max 10 minutes) and shoot for the biggest score possible against your opponent, then report back and be assigned a new game and opponent. Repeat for 2 hours!
    Arcade Club starts at 9am with a 10am Arcade Attack start.
    It's free to join in and everyone that takes part will get a handful of free tokens to use. From 9am on Saturday the 11th of September. 

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