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  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - Games

    I saw this in the paper today, and think it would be amazing, although i am not an avid listener of orchestral music, I totally respect the genre and makes modern day games epic.
    They have video footage projected in the back ground so it will be kinda like watching video games with a live orchestra as the audio. That would be better than anyone's sound system. And they will even have 2 people come up and play soul calibre V, and the orchestra will be composed accordingly to what is happening in game live.
    Tickets are $50 adult and it's on 12th april 7pm.

    • Dyson
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      Awesome - it will be great until the conductor takes an arrow in the knee.

      If you like this type of thing you might like:

      Malukah - YouTube

    • iFrak
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      I know of some mates who went to see it...awaiting updates on FB to see how it went ....i love stuff like this and i'm going to a similar thing in Perth called Star Wars and Beyond celebrating John Williams 80th birthday preformed by the WASO.

    • furballx
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      Cheeky buggers are doing music from Diablo 3 and it is not even released yet!

      (Can't wait for Diablo 3 )
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