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12th March 2019, 07:59 PM
The skill increases are so incremental and some of the local tournament players are so good.

I mean tonight, I started pretty well, even held the highest score on Congo when only the first 10 had checked in.

Consistency failed and crashed badly on Taxi and Batman 66 and this offset my high 90s scores real quick.

Still, when I got home I eagerly checked to see if I was in the middle of the pack and then saw it.

41st from 44 players.

So, I played at home for a while, Tron and Funhouse mainly, and even though I've been playing for months, decided to change my style from a big lean in to a more overhead with a leg touching the machine so I could start to learn nudging.

1st game on each machine, I got my personal best.

The point is I guess, it's frustrating some days, rewarding some days and some days it's both in the same day.

But practice and hours on the table help, it's all a helluva good time and good or bad, sticking with it will (Hopefully) get you there.

Good people in this crew though. Everyone I've met has been awesome, that's the real win.

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13th March 2019, 03:53 AM
Hey Alex I hope your not disheartened by your result. Brisbane Pinball Club is a tough comp. Lots of good players playing machines they have practiced on makes it hard to get towards the top of the results.
As you have kind of mentioned the format awards consistency. You can usually carry one bad game but if you have two it makes it tough.

I was thinking maybe I could see what some of the guys are doing and we could come over and give you a couple of tips and make sure that beer tastes as it should.

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13th March 2019, 04:07 AM
Its tough but keep plugging away buddy the newer games can be tricky because of code changes therefore your strategy has to change maybe take note of who the top 3 players where and introduce yourself to them and ask what there strategy is on the newer games/the games that you arnt so great on

13th March 2019, 10:22 AM
cheers for the feedback guys - and that's a great idea Rusty - I'll put together an excuse to get the beer taps flowing in the very near future and we can bash the pins around for a bit

13th March 2019, 08:30 PM
Getting in to MESHUGGAH can help :confused:.

I've never known my real skill level on the pins, 'cause for over thirty years, my temperament level on anything to do with my level of skill has been appallingly low.

Change is a constant process, and should not be humbling IMO.

Hope that helps, Alex.



14th March 2019, 02:55 PM
It does, thanks

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