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28th December 2018, 11:03 AM
Hope everyone had a good X-Mas. Finally got some spare time to show off some new machines I've gotten over the last 3 or so months - better late than never.

First one is a Incredible Hulk i got from the Pinball Shed. The original backglass was pretty shoddy but i already had a brand new repo ready to go, so that was not a worry. Body is solid but art so-so - PF is good with no real wear. Ive swapped the globes provided to be a mixture of coloured globes (not LEDS) which i think make the game look pretty cool and a nice fit to the era - little bit of a psychedelic feel to it now


Next in was Grand Lizard, very happy to have this one in the stable, such a great game. Body and Playfield are really good and the backglass is mint. She has given me a few headaches along the way, but thanks for a Raysco, PoidaPoida & SkyBeau - finally got it working spot on.


Next one in the door is a real oddball.... right up AtariTam & I's alley - Q*Berts Quest. Definitely don't see many of these around & can't imagine there are a heap of these still in action. Another Gottlieb and my first wide body. The body, PF & BG all have their blemishes - but all things considered, are in good nick. Will probably get myself a replacement BG sometime in the NY. She has been playing really well with no issues - and a real cracker to have in a larger collection as the inverted flipper set-up keeps you on the toes. Its game-rules are unique also. If it was your only pinball, i dare say the game rules would wear thing, however in a 10+ collection, its the perfect palette cleanser. Really happy to have this odd-ball in our collection of weirdo pinballs :)


Last, but most definitely not least - we have our Haunted House which we purchased from Mark @ Pinball Spare Parts. All I can say is, this pinball is ****ing huge. It's another Gottlieb & another wide body - but next to fellow WB Qbert - it dwarfs it due to the 3 play fields. Its really really really big. Body & BG are in great nick & the Playfield is near perfect. Has a beautiful coat on it and really happy with the quality of it, Another odd-ball with its 3 play fields & 8 Flippers. It has the Janin board installed in it which makes it compatible to add a multi-ball option once some mods are done - which will be the long term goal with this one. As it is in its original format - its a cool 1 ball game full of hidden trap doors and mini play fields - with multi ball added to that, it will be ****ing insane. I'm still working with the set-up of it to get it perfect - the angle of the PF is set to 6.5 (According to Pinguy app) - but doest feel quite right. Its a pretty tough game but again, real happy to have this somewhat weird and rare game in the collection. Has a beauty of a backglass which really pops with the lightning relay board controlling the lights behind it. Eventually i would like to jazz this up a bit with a color arrangement of LEDS and getting the bridge clear coated to be a different color so it pops a bit. I really like the old school Haunted House feel to this game and looking forward to adding a few personal touches to it :)


Thats it for now - Our current collection has really grown & i bloody love it. Still got our never-ending Funhouse restoration to go in & maybe 1 more odd-ball to come in Feb-ish.... still not decided there. To those Brizzy-Peeps, we'll try to get a houseball going in the new year - still working my way through making them all a bit more reliable though so i don't end up spending the day stressed out, haha;)


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Sorry for the glare on the pictures - I'm no photographer.....clearly

28th December 2018, 11:58 AM
Excellent collection across most of the eras. My suggestion for the next oddity would be Bally's Speak Easy. Nice and thin, ( head is as wide as the narrow body), but an add a ball machine. Of all the machines I have owned, this machine kept me the most interested the longest.

28th December 2018, 12:24 PM
The Hulk really stands out for me, looks awesome

28th December 2018, 12:31 PM
I can decide which one I like best...nice one!

28th December 2018, 01:17 PM
Great Thread ..
and a great reading thanks for sharing.

Grand lizard :cool:

I hope i get to play one again soon

28th December 2018, 01:19 PM
The Hulk really stands out for me, looks awesome

Cheers mate, those color globes really work with that table. Ironically the only reason i had them and thought to try them was because i stuffed up an order with Pinball life and though i was buying a couple of each color, when in reality i was buying a couple of boxes of each color:lol

28th December 2018, 03:12 PM
Great write up Marcus. Your collection is growing at a rate of knots. Looks fantastic. Plenty there to keep you and Tami busy !!!!

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28th December 2018, 05:35 PM
I think Cyclone is now the odd one out, great games you have there, very nice

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28th December 2018, 05:50 PM
The most quirky and awesome collection I've seen! Can't wait to see Rudy and his gold hip hop bling!!!