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17th February 2018, 11:44 AM
I was looking for info the other day on my various cabs and could find much info nor pictures.

Wondering if there could be included in the AA Wiki an Australian history of arcade machines.
I can add what I have found so far but it would be good to have more history etc.


Vision cabs: Where and when made. Pictures etc.

LAI cabs. Pictures of different types eg. Lowboy, fatboy etc.

AL cabs. same as above.

Also does anyone have pictures of the arcade at Expo88?

Also could this be entered to the Wiki?

Caroma stools.

I didn't know they were for bathroom use.

from here

Designed by Charles Rothauser and Bruce Thompson in Adelaide in 1967. The stool was accepted into the Australian Design Index and received the 'Good design' label in 1967. The design represents a simple and compact solution. When first developed it was an innovative use of injection moulding. The stool uses a lightweight plastic and because of its ingenious design can support a relatively heavy load. The design was one of the first uses of large scale injection moulding in Australia. Although designed primarily for the Australian domestic market, this product has enjoyed enormous export success in overseas markets, principally in Asia and the Carribean.