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19th June 2015, 03:43 PM
VPGL4 Game 2: Congo [3 Balls]


Full Screen table: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5949 (http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5949)
Desktop: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5950
ROM: congo_21

* One table will be posted every day for 10 days, and all tables are in play from the time they are posted.

* Play desktop, full screen, PM5, whatever you prefer, but keep version to VP9.x

* Congo will end Friday September 18

GAME ON !:066:


1/ Dedrok:: 32,673,464,940
2/ Kane: 12,748,619,870
3/ Jamma: 11,517,668,150
4/ Stuzza: 5,719,950,740
5/ JAR: 3,532,843,240
6/ MrBungle: 2,849,144,380

19th June 2015, 06:19 PM
Very first game seemed to go on for ages, is this a good score or just an easy table? Time will tell...


19th June 2015, 06:36 PM
Easy Table , 4050341990 79467

20th June 2015, 01:57 AM
Yeah it's pretty easy to get big scores on this one.

20th June 2015, 12:08 PM
A fun but very generous table with next to no drains ever happening on the right and a kickout on the left plus a generous tilt = scores going to go ballistic. 11,517,668,150


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20th June 2015, 09:45 PM
Well that sucks.

After playing for so long, throwing the cat out of the way 3 times, an hour + into it, the ball decides to get stuck on the volcano making the rest of the game unplayable. And I was just getting the big points to build score nice and fast. All the hard work was done.

So, unfinished score with 3 extra balls and last ball still to play

32,673,464,940 91x v1.01(using 9.12)


21st June 2015, 06:18 PM
Should have been a lot more, started ball 2 at over 11 billion.


21st June 2015, 11:03 PM
I played this twice and scored what I thought was pretty well. My very next thought was that I felt sorry for Dedrok as if I can play for as long as I did, Dedrok will still be playing his first game of this when the competition ends and he won't have time to play any other table :lol

23rd June 2015, 12:58 PM
Only played this twice... seems fun and the game lasts a while which is good for me, but maybe not so good for others where games always last a while.

30th June 2015, 09:46 PM
Finally got a chance to fire up the cab and have a game! First time in months. Now I have nudge so I can actually save the ball!! Yay! Thought I was doing ok on this table till I came here and saw all you guys crazy scores. LOL

Anyway here is my effort (VP9.9 Night Mod version): 5,719,950,740


8th September 2015, 08:15 PM

Congo 2,849,144,380

4th October 2015, 08:44 AM

19th November 2015, 10:36 AM
Score updated in first post!

19th November 2015, 10:41 AM
If we add up everyone's scores excluding Dedrok and the compare the total to Dedroks score, he is still winning.
Dedrok maybe you can play one handed in future.

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19th November 2015, 10:54 AM
Don't forget the game became unplayable, so should have been a lot higher. The points were really maxing out and 3 Hippos x 3 were at least 1Billion and rising.

19th November 2015, 11:19 AM
Don't forget the game became unplayable, so should have been a lot higher. The points were really maxing out and 3 Hippos x 3 were at least 1Billion and rising.

Alright, stop showing off! I do remember you saying about that little complication though. Have you had a chance to give your VP a decent run lately?

19th November 2015, 11:52 AM
Don't get out to the shed at all lately.

19th November 2015, 11:54 AM
Don't get out to the shed at all lately.

24th November 2015, 08:17 PM
Don't get out to the shed at all lately.

If you ever need someone to stand along side you keep the other tables warm I know a bloke :lol

18th December 2015, 08:52 AM

Slight improvement.... no change to the rankings though

1st February 2016, 08:11 PM
Congo is now closed. Final results are:

1/ Dedrok: 32,673,464,940 - 25 points
2/ Kane: 12,748,619,870 - 20 points
3/ Jamma: 11,517,668,150 - 16 points
4/ Stuzza: 5,719,950,740 - 13 points
5/ JAR: 4,193,971,950 - 11 points
6/ MrBungle: 2,849,144,380 - 10 points