View Full Version : What charger are you guys using for Lipo's

15th March 2014, 05:14 PM
The Delta Ray comes with a fairly cheapo cigarette lighter balance charger.

I'm guessing I should buy something a bit more quality and I've been looking at them. I must say I find it funny that these do not come with any AC plug or brick. I can't think of too many electronic devices that do not come with any way of connecting them to any power.

Anyway it would be good to hear what chargers you are all using on the Lipo's.

I'm in the process of modding an AT power supply to make up a 12v cigarette lighter socket for use with a charger.

Also on the side, do you guys run any onboard battery alarms? I've got one coming in that you can set voltage alarm setting to 3.7v to ensure you don't run below 80%, also one of those battery checkers that can give you a reading after you fly to see how much capacity remained in the battery.

15th March 2014, 06:47 PM
I have had a swallow eq charger for years which is great for smaller batts etc and is ac/dc


Due to the bigger batts I run I upgraded to this


Battery checker is a good idea, I don't use alarms but just time my flights but no harm having that on board

Always important to balance your lipos

Great charger but not cheap

15th March 2014, 10:26 PM
Thunder Power all the way... They have a smaller AC/DC one that would suit those smaller batteries.. TP-610C

has comparison to the swallow - http://www.zeejayhobbies.com.au/batteries-and-chargers/chargers/tp-610cacdc-thunder-power-610-ac/dc-charger-1-6s-liion-lipo-life-nicd-nimh-lead-acid/prod_4778.html

I personally use the TP820CD, but you don't need that... yet.... ;-)

Don't run alarms, though do have a checker like you are getting to check how much power I have left after a flight.. Only plane I worry about power is the glider as have very long flight times but I use a telementary module for that with dx8 so know the actual in flight battery.

15th March 2014, 11:38 PM
FMA Powlerlab V2.
Daddy of all chargers http://www.revolectrix.com/pl8_description_tab.htm

And a big ass power supply to drive it

16th March 2014, 01:08 AM
I use the Imax B6 AC/DC Pro Charger.


16th March 2014, 07:45 AM
FMA Powlerlab V2.
Daddy of all chargers http://www.revolectrix.com/pl8_description_tab.htm

And a big ass power supply to drive it

Yes revolectrix make good chargers too..