View Full Version : WPC Power Driver Board - no solenoids or general illumination (GI)

27th December 2012, 11:16 AM
This one is a bit of a saga, took most of the afternoon to identify the issue. Below is my specific experience. Yours may be different bla bla bla.

No playfield lighting (flashers or GI), no solenoids on playfield working. Playfield appears "dead", no backbox lighting. Game starts with start button but no ball kicked out, flippers work.

WPC Power Driver Board in an Addams Family. Board swapped to a White Water, issue followed with board.

Test point voltages on board all good.

1 on
2 off
3 off* (should generally be on). Was on with the original WH2O driver board
4 on
5 on
6 on
7 on

Bridges, fuses, capacitors all check out OK.

A corroded and broken trace running from connector J113 (data cable connect) to the 374N chips near LED4. I had seen the discolouration there on the trace but ignored it, thinking it was an ink smudge from when they date stamped the board, the date stamp is directly below this corrosion on the other traces.
Of interest, the lamp matrix, high/low power solenoids and GI all share the J113 connector to the MPU (refer section 3 of WH2O and other manuals).


Run a jumper wire on rear of the board from the corresponding pin on the J113 connector to the leg of the 374N chip, jumping over the corroded trace.
LED3 now lights up.
Placed board back into TAF, fully functional.