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12th October 2011, 07:13 AM
i made a post on one of the forums im on last night.there was a guy complaining about the rip off traxxas plugs and how the traxxas forums have a policy / filter on their forum to block links to non genuine traxxas plugs. traxxas forums also prevent you from posting information / links about hobbyking. hobbyking are in hong kong and are well known for making ripoff's of various things , some that are done very well, others that are pretty shonky to say the least

heres what i posted

you do know they the company who makes geniune traxxas plugs makes stuff for hobbyking dont you

geniune traxxas
http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/prod...connector.html (http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/productshowimg/286848820-212033151/Traxxas_connector.html)

same company, heres your hobby king wire

http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/prod..._RC_hobby.html (http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/product/385651853-200614634/10AWG_Silicone_wire_for_RC_hobby.html)

same company and heres green traxxas plugs
http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/prod..._AND_MALE.html (http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/product/387574502-200622331/TRX_ADAPTER_TO_FEMALE_AND_MALE.html)

EXACT same company , and surprise, the *non* genuine plugs traxxas rants and raves about (which i have bought well over 40 of them and they are great)

http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/prod...Connector.html (http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/product/371118315-200622331/Female_Traxxas_Connector.html)

WOW!!! non-geunine traxxas plugs as a PAIR!!! and by the same company

http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/prod..._and_male.html (http://qiangshui.en.alibaba.com/product/392273176-200622331/TRX_adapter_female_and_male.html)

traxxas cracks me up

and before you tell me the company is a fake