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5th August 2011, 08:07 PM
I've got a Gigabyte mainboard with onboard sound, a few times in the past its died after a while (6-12 months) so i've just re-installed Windows and it works fine again - i found movies stored on HDD and youtube to be the 1st problems, normall mp3's etc are OK

It came back again the other day, so i reinstalled Win 7 (it was installed previously), although it was a full auto install - i said to put in back on c:, but never saw it reformat or anything like that.

Reinstalled all the drivers (checked they were up to date) and same problem

Youtube and hard drive movies are terrible, with really low volume and scratchy quality

MP3s on the HDD are almost as bad - when the music gets complex, it just seems to drop quality even more and sounds like an off tune AM radio

BUT - when i put the headphone jack in the stereo, everything sounds perfect through the headphones - good volume AND quality

Playing a CD through the stereo sound is perfect

Have checked all the volume controls, played around with the REaltek HD audio manager, put everything to no effects, and don't drop volume with communications devices.

Any advice?

5th August 2011, 09:02 PM
Exact same thing happened to me mate. Seems to be a common problem with Gigabyte MB's, Realtek audio and Win 7. In the end, I just updated to Realtek drivers from the Realtek site and assigned my working headphone port to be my main speaker output.


6th August 2011, 10:14 AM
Yeah i had a look through that thread and tried your fix, but i think my problem is a bit different.

I did not plug in any new speakers when the problem arose, and the sound is perfect through headphones - quality and volume

RE-assigning different jacks made no difference

6th August 2011, 11:14 AM
really low volume and scratchy quality
MP3s on the HDD are almost as bad - when the music gets complex, it just seems to drop quality even more and sounds like an off tune AM radio

This happens to my output when writing music if i have the latency set to high( as in 2 or 3 ms ), and the processor is working overtime. Not sure if it would be the case with you though? Im running ASIO4ALL drivers. Fine through the headphones is what i don't understand?

6th August 2011, 01:01 PM
Ok - Frank's thing got me thinking - i plugged in another set of computer speakers (instead of my stereo), in the same jack and everything worked fine, but when i plug the stereo back in, back to a garbled sound - now this would point to the problem being my stereo speakers....BUT when i play a CD thru the stereo - everything is perfect as well.

Is is possible for a driver type issue to muck up speakers somehow or mess with one type of amplifier (stereo) and not computer type one.....dunno, fishing for ideas!

6th August 2011, 01:28 PM
So you are running a 3.5 stereo jack out of pc, into your amp. Seems the lead is working because you get correct sound level through headphones out of amp. That eliminates that being a problem. You ran a different set of speakers out of pc and it works perfectly. That to me eliminates any fault with pc and audio drivers. Cds play normaly from amp and stereo speakers. Seems your amp and speakers are working fine.
Only thing i can think is that the amp has an issue playing through speakers from that particular line input. Do you have it plugged into line in or AUX input on amp? Either way, swap it over and see what happens.

Also, what type of amp is it and how many inputs do you have on the back?

6th August 2011, 02:12 PM
Nice work Wingtip!

Its a 380W Panasonic 5.1 system - cost about $600 10 years ago - so nothing fantastic

It has two Aux inputs (i'm going from 3.5mm jack to RCAs), put it into Aux 2 and it worked fine.

I tend to leave the computer and stereo on pretty much 365 days a year, too lazy to turn it off - could this cause a problem?

Thanks - great work

6th August 2011, 02:21 PM
No probs mate, glad its sorted:) Leaving it on can cause issues over time, mainly heat problems. Most of my inputs suffer problems from constant plugging and un-plugging:lol Probably easier to just flick it off when not in use.