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4th June 2011, 07:39 AM
i was at a garage sale last weekend and as it turns out it was a AA members place and i bought a few things and amongst the stuff i bought was a traxxas erevo 1/10 electric radio controlled truck, see picture

it wasn't in bits when i bought it however :D
i decided i might as well tear it down and give it a full service and rebuild it from ground up just to be sure its in good nick

pretty easy task actually, i thought it might be a bit of a pain in the bum, but im amazed at how easy it is to disassemble and work on, its a pleasure to work on

compared to some of the machinery im accustomed to working on this is a walk in the park

about the only thing im yet to rebuild on it is the shocks, last night i finished doing the front/rear diffs and giving them a good clean and relube as well

and because for the last 19 years of my working life just about every bit of gear i have worked on has a log book, i have grabbed a small spirax notepad to use as my log book with days/dates and what i did and what part numbers used and what i did, some of you may laugh, but im so used to having to fill out logbooks every day on practically everything i touch i just do now

anyhow, thought some of you might be interested to see what im up to with this unit, if you want to check it out, heres the link to the manufactures web site


id like to upgrade mine to 2.4 ghz , and i found this last night


4th June 2011, 07:58 AM
There quite well built those things.

Defiantly upgrade to 2.4
You don't have to go with the traxis one though. You could even just get a cheap hobby king one for $30. But you do get what you pay for.

Also look a new brushless setup.

4th June 2011, 10:17 PM
There quite well built those things.

Defiantly upgrade to 2.4
You don't have to go with the traxis one though. You could even just get a cheap hobby king one for $30. But you do get what you pay for.

Also look a new brushless setup.

it came with stock esc and i have twin titan tocks for it, plus 2 x 14.4v dewalt motors as well
it came with a brushless setup, but somethings wrong, dunno if it is esc or motor, heres what it came with


and a 1900kv motor

theres some thing funny going on, i dunno yet if it is the esc or the motor

if you put the esc/motor in the erevo and tell it to get up and boogie, it clicks and stutters and does nothing much and goes practically no where

if you replace the esc/motor it runs fine

i have a mate of mine who with a bit of luck i will go visit tomorrow and connect his brushless motor to my esc and give it a work out

i dunno if the esc or motor is kaput, the brushless motor when you turn it feels free for about 30% of the way then it gets very hard, is this normal?

if you remove the motor from the car and tell it to go it does, mind u, not a good idea to hit it full throttle with no load either

any thoughts on this?

4th June 2011, 10:25 PM
Can you spin the motor by hand?

Could be a couple of things.
Something caught in the motor, or possibly a blown phase on either the ESC or the motor.

But it dose sound like that the speedy is in sensored mode and not sensorless mode.

4th June 2011, 10:30 PM
Can you spin the motor by hand?

Could be a couple of things.
Something caught in the motor, or possibly a blown phase on either the ESC or the motor.

But it dose sound like that the speedy is in sensored mode and not sensorless mode.

i can turn the motor by hand, but only after i have my weet-bix :lol
when it gets tight, man does it get tight, i can tear down a dewalt brushed motor with my eyes closed


but how the heck to i pull this brushless motor to bits? theres not even a screw in it apart from the 2 that hold it to the motor mount in the r/c

4th June 2011, 10:43 PM
Those motors are a throw away item.

If you can't turn it then I'd say it has a damaged stator. So off to the bin it goes.

Decent motors are around the $70 or so mark. For that you will get something that rebuildable when needed.

The only other option would be a Hobbywing combo. These are incredibly reliable and work well for most people.

5th June 2011, 10:41 AM
i reckon i found the answer to my problem, you gave me a tip when you said the motor might have dropped a pole

i went googling this morning and one of the tips i found was to check the bulet conectors between the motor and esc

will i put it on my table and gave the connectors a bit of a wiggle and heres the result


you can see the blue wire bullet has come off and it fell off with great ease i hardly even touched it

so now i will remove all the heat shrink and resolder all connectors and i reckon i will be cooking with gas!

thanks for the tip:cool:

5th June 2011, 11:03 AM
Those motors are a throw away item.

If you can't turn it then I'd say it has a damaged stator. So off to the bin it goes.

the motor turns, it just gets tight in one spot, and if you put power to it, it does spin nicely , untill you put it under load then the wheels fall off:lol

i will go redo these solder joints and i will retest:cool:

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i have removed all plugs/bullet connectors between motor/esc, every one of the solder joints is very dodgey

looks like the soldering iron used wasnt ay where near big enough to do the job, i will use my 60 watter and get them nice and pretty and rock solid in no time:)

then to my mates place to test it in a plane or chopper or something.... yippie!

5th June 2011, 06:48 PM
Well I guess that'll do it every time.

With a bit of luck it will work nicely and you wont have to replace anything.

5th June 2011, 07:46 PM
i will keep you posted, i have spoke to misses_zed and i need about $100 to buy a few extra bits for the car to bring it back up the scratch

i have stripped the car over the past week to a bare chassis and remove every screw in sight and cleaned everything and re-assemble

theres some rubber boots that are buggered, bearings rusted , etc

nothing major or serious, just little fiddly bits :)

plus i just want it to be spot on when i take it out for its first run and have some fun with the kids with it:cool:

17th June 2011, 10:43 PM
my new bearings shipped from hong kong a few hours ago, bought a full set of blue teflon bearings from rcmart in hong kong


delivered to my door for just $23 AU !!!!
also today my new 2.4 Ghz Traxxas Revo 3.3 radio and receiver turned up from "Chopshop rc " in melbourne


i just checked their web site now and it says they are updating their website. i picked up the transmitter *AND* receiver from them delivered to my door, brand spanking new, removed from a brand new revo 3.3, for under $80 for *BOTH*.... im stoked! took 3 days for the gear to arrive from melbourne via aussie post express post. cant wait to see their new web site and see whats new in a few weeks. i was a bit hesitant to buy from these guys , only cos i have never heard of them before so i was a bit hesitant , but my stuff is here and it looks brand new. i put the receiver in the erevo tonight, im yet to test it. however, i put batteries in the transmitter and fired it up and it seems to work, all the light flash as they should when changing menus etc....

this is the transmitter i bought


well it looks like this, however it has a red thumb switch on it as well for the revo so you can change gears... no use on my erevo but for the price i cant complain as it came with a 5 channel receiver as well and it looks like this


waiting on a shipment of parts i ordered a few days ago from liquidrc.com as well. main things i really need is rubber dust boots for the ball joints behind the axle carriers and a few other little bits to bring it up to spec. i should have taken photos i guess while i had it appart. i stripped it all the way down to pretty much nothing and rebuilt it from ground up including removing the front/rear diffs and clean and debur the gears and relube.

damn...that reminds me... i need to pull the shocks to bits and rebuild those...oops...that reminds me, cant do that just yet, the parts i need for that are in the parts i ordered from liquidrc.com a few days ago

also, a small tip for erevo owners, grab the traxxas jato shock boot covers and whack them on ya shocks to keep the dirt out of the internals of the shock, the part number you want is


link to buy it from liquidrc


here they are fitted, thanks to google images, the black bits on the left under the spring


20th June 2011, 06:59 PM
There quite well built those things.

Defiantly upgrade to 2.4
You don't have to go with the traxis one though. You could even just get a cheap hobby king one for $30. But you do get what you pay for.

Also look a new brushless setup.


NEVER defiantly :D

30th June 2011, 08:06 AM
well last night i fitted a ton of spares to this vehicle to bring it back up to spec and heres a photo

http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/9149/img1470resized.jpg (http://img36.imageshack.us/i/img1470resized.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

i fitted new hinge pins front/rear as old ones rusted out and was binding on suspension, new bearings on drive shafts, new pinions for stock motors, fit traxxas steel centre drive shafts, fit pivot ball dustcaps

i found when replacing the dust caps that the pivot balls werent even screwed in correctly to the suspension , they were half hanging out.... any how all sorted now

just need to sort out the steering servo's

when power up the vehicle the twin servos buzz as they are fighting each other as they are not at rest, i tried to adjust them as per the instructions in the traxxas manual, and it was late at night and i couldn't get it right, however i managed to set it up so the servos no longer buzz and fight each other, its just now pointing to the right by a mile


i have an idea to sort it all out, i have an idea to make a steering alignment tool and i reckon it will do the trick nicely, more on that later.but tonight when i get home, i will setup the steering

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and the big plastic bits on the rear suspension in the shape of a rectangle are mud flaps help on with zip ties to help keep dirt etc off the drive shafts/diff

30th June 2011, 10:37 PM
tonight i managed to bolt the brushless system in and test it. when i bought the car i was told the brushless system didnt work right, it would run ok while no load on it and when on the ground it would stutter and carry on stupid.
i went hunting a few weeks ago to see i i could find the fault and i ended up resoldering all the bullet connectors between the motor and esc. i also swapped the wires around a bit and kept the yellow from the esc running to the motor and swapped the red/blue wires around. this is cos the motor will run super quick in one direction and only reasonably quick the other. so by swapping red/blue around it runs super quick when i tell it to go forwards.on brushless systems, keep the yellow wire from esc to motor the same, only swap the outside wires, red/blue to change direction of motor

had a look at trying out the dewalt motor, have a spare motor mount. will need to dremmel some of the motor mount to make the motor fit as the spacing is a little wide.im knackered now so will attack it tomorrow night instead

i had another look at the servos and the steering to night. i couldnt get it right last night for the life of me.i was tired, cranky and nothing made sence. so i re-read the manual and attacked it first up before i did anything else on the vehicle. got it sorted in a matter of minutes

the secret to getting the steering sorted i found is to remove the front skid plate, and then put the long screw back in after the skid plate is removed to the front steering assembly and *THEN* adjust the servo horns. while at it adjust the one on the *RIGHT* side not the left to 31.5mm as the destructions say in the traxxas manual. the manual doesnt say what side has to be 31.5mm so the manual i have *NOW* has the amended bits put in to it by yours truly :cool:

i showed my mister 3 the erevo tongiht and took it for a quick strap up/down the street with the stock titan motors in it....man i should have recored his reaction... his eye balls almost fell out of his head, his jaw hit the floor and he went "wow daddy... that really quick!!!" a few seonds later it was.... daddy.... can please have a go at your erevo its so cool :lol

man, how can a dad say no to manners like that:lol
so i grabbed him and knelt down next to him and helped him *GENTLY* squeeze the trigger and we took it easy round the street a bit.... got to love digital proportional stuff... training mode at 50% is for people who think the trigger is a on/off switch im sure of it:lol:lol
anyhow, im really looking forward to the weekend and take mister 3 and any other of my kids out the back gully for a strap with the erevo, maybe goto one of the river beds for a strap as well:)
man i have put a lot of work in to this vehicle the past few weeks to bring it up to scratch, really looking forward to having some fun with the kids with it for sure:cool:

30th June 2011, 11:07 PM
Ive had a few tmaxx's and a revo but all were nitro. If i get back into it ill go brushless and probably get something like a rustler vxl with 2S lipo just for some car park fun and battery powered doesn't piss off everyone in your street or attract unwanted attention which is cool. I just actually sold up the last of the RC stuff i had which included an smaxx and a shitload of traxxas spares. They are great fun when running right...

What's your battery setup?

30th June 2011, 11:26 PM
mate that looks like fun - i had a tamiya hot summit or other in 86 or 87 and it was a 4 wheel drive and went like the clappers. i used to take it down to the local velodrome and run it round the entire track full speed!

good memories there! and yeah, lotsa cleaning and relubing to keep it sweet, replacing parts as they wore out. good fun :cool:

9th October 2011, 07:58 PM
bit of an update. a few weeks ago it was my birthday and misses_zed let me go nuts with the visa card and spend a few hundred bucks on my erevo.... HOO-RAY!!:lol

finally got around to buying myself 2 decent chargers. bought 2 x hyperion chargers


these chargers are magic kit. worth every penny and the voltage/amperage output shown on screen is spot on with my multimeter as well

i have also ordered from www.liquidrc.com some RPM parts cos its cheaper and for $1 freight to my door from USA i cant beat that. so i bought some rod ends cos the stock ones are just about flogged out on both front left/right sides


i also splashed out and bought the RPM truetrack front/rear a-arms

on the "must buy" list is some integy front/rear bulkheads


apparently integy are the only ones who make bulkhead hopup for the 1/10 erevo.
also on fathers day misses_zed let me have the visa card again:cool: and i went nuts at hobbyking.com and bought some cables/plugs/wire etc, heres a *small* sample of what i picked up




i bought about 2.5 kilograms of stuff like this delivered to my door for $100. took about a week to get here from hongkong. great quality stuff too for the price. im impressed:cool:

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oh yeah and i forgot to add i setup a youtube channel a while ago