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23rd February 2011, 02:09 PM
About a month or two ago I bought a dedicated NARC machine. It was alot scrapier than it looked in the pics but nothing some new t molding and some other love wouldnt fix.

After a couple of weeks though the sound board shat itself and lost a couple of important sounds. And when i mean important it was the main gunfire sound that died. Removed the board to be repaired but 3 weeks later still not luck.

Sure enough another NARC cab came up from the same seller just missing the glass and marquee. So i bought it for half the price i paid for the original.

Sure enough the cab was in WAY better condition with the blood on the side artwork still red, coin mechs and cam locks in perfect condition and even the t molding in good nick. So a quick glass and marquee change over and I have a excellent condition working dedicated narc machine.


This left me with a Narc machine missing sound, glass and marquee so I came up with an idea to turn it into a "NARC AND MORE...." cabinet using and upgraded 1315 in 1 jamma board. The board has a 3gb P4 cpu which I found at work so NARC and other williams games run perfectly.

Narc is not jamma so the 1st step was to rewire the entire cab with a jamma harness which was way easier than I thought. To think I used to pay people to do this.

http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/182396_10150177627378574_819218573_8779575_3459778 _n.jpg

Even have lovely stereo sound pumping out the original awesome speakers that the Narc cabs have. Wired the buttons to match the original narc layout as well.

Next issue was finding out that the Narc cabs use medium res 24k screens. No problem I thought. The 1315 in 1 has a SEGA 24k setting to easy. Um no. For the life of me I still couldnt get any sync. After from help from you guys and for some reason having to put the video sync wire to -V i got a picture. Joey reckons I have the pinouts listed the wrong way around but the chasis actually has a printout listing them the way I have. :unsure

Anyway all good except for the fact the the vertical size wont go all the way to the top so the picture looks like widescreen and out of perspective.


After talking to joey I picked up a 48cm Panasonic TV off ebay for a princely sum of $3.25 and will be getting a Jomac chasis to suit.

In the meantime I have just gotten some nice safety glass cut at 570x570 from all points glass in Bulleen for $50. Next what to do re the artwork.

I manged to find this image online. Not the most hi res but it is the exact artwork from the original machine.


I edited the actual screen shot out of the pic and sent it off to a few online printers for a quote. Frickin $65!

So I thought I'd muck around with a free 'poster printer' software I found online. Ghetto but better than nothing until I find a cheaper option.





And this is the finshed ''Hashman's Ghetto Marquee"



I reckon its actually come up OK as a temporary thing. I will end up getting a proper gloss print but not really keen on paying $65 for it.

Stay tuned for monitor/chassis updates....


23rd February 2011, 05:33 PM
Red T Moulding to go on shortly. Will wood glue to the trick or do I need something stonger? For the corners ive cut a little bit out of the bit that goes in the groove so it can be bent over the corner properly. Might even use a heatgun to make it easier.


The cab should look more like this shortly. Will look sexy with fresh red molding.

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/163902_10150143066623574_819218573_8190898_2021661 _n.jpg

23rd February 2011, 05:51 PM
Geez I loved Narc back in my day... Say NO to drugs!! Ha! what a cracker, oh the descions... "should I bust this guy or just shoot him?" :laugh:

23rd February 2011, 06:28 PM
haha yeah. its a pisser. still holds up really well too. blowing the druggies up with missile launchers still feels awesome! awesome sound/samples too. having the real arcade instead of the crap console conversions that came out at the time is a like a dream come true for me. "oh no..the narc man!" :)

25th February 2011, 12:52 PM
As a kid I had to put up with the Amiga version of this game. Look how bad it is:


25th February 2011, 03:25 PM
Well talk about a day of highs and lows.

Managed to get a new 20" 15k touchscreen and chassis from highway.net for $180. I orginally bought a normal screen but they had no stock and offered me the $400 touchscreen for same price.



Ripped out the old 24k screen.



Installed the new screen. Wired it up. And I have a perfect fullscreen awesome looking picture.




Have it running and playing for 1 hour. very please with myself. Go inside to shower. Come back out to find this. :(


The game still playing the background. Think to myself hmm screen musta be faulty. Put the other old screen back in and get no picture at all! Its getting its 120v but seemingly not powering the display. Have checked fuse.

So now ive gone from super happy to super pissed off. Have checked power supply and all. Im very confused.

25th February 2011, 04:04 PM
That Narc looks in amazing condition!

Sorry to read about the new screen though - only an hour running is pretty harsh.. :(

25th February 2011, 04:13 PM
That Narc looks in amazing condition!

Sorry to read about the new screen though - only an hour running is pretty harsh.. :(

Yeah the top picture is the new fully working one. The screen tends to go a little blurry after a while but im too scarted to touch it after my screen issues with the other one!

25th February 2011, 07:58 PM
Sounds like someone might have adjusted the focus before things had warmed up properly.

25th February 2011, 07:59 PM
you need to shove the narc board back in it.. i have a feeling there is nothing wrong with the screen.. i got a gut feeling its the board , hence u said you swapped the tube n chassis around...

you dont need to cut off the jamma and write it all over again , just hook up :
5 volt
red video
blue video
green video
video ground

25th February 2011, 08:08 PM
He can't. Narc is a 25khz game.

25th February 2011, 08:16 PM
Sounds like someone might have adjusted the focus before things had warmed up properly.

That a very good point I think I did adjust the focus when I 1st turned it on. Will leave it on for 30 mins then re adjust the focus.

you dont need to cut off the jamma and write it all over again , just hook up :
5 volt
red video
blue video
green video
video ground

Thats a damn good idea! Thanks mate. Will try that in the morning.

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He can't. Narc is a 25khz game.

Well the weird thing is im not even getting a pic on the old 24k screen either now. The 24k is back in there at the moment. Ill get the narc board running again and see what happens.

Highway have honoured the warranty on the new 15k screen and given me a place down the road to take it for repair. So if its broke itll be fixed. If its not.... something very strange is happening in my cab!

26th February 2011, 05:46 PM
Well. I wired back up the narc board with the old screen and still no joy. So not only did the new screen blow up the old 24k one doesnt work either now. There is definately 120v going to the chassis tho and fuse is intact. But i get no signs of any power to the screen.

26th February 2011, 06:16 PM
I hope this isn't the case, but perhaps the new monitor didn't require an isolation transformer and you've forgotten to hook the old one up via one?

I don't mean to be rude but I'm pretty sure you must be doing something wrong, it'd be one hell of a coincedence if they were both stuffed.

26th February 2011, 07:34 PM
you getting a glow at the back of the monitor ? a orange colored glow in the clear tube.....

do you at least get a flash when you turn her off ?

i think hewitson is defiantly sourced your issue with the isolation transformer....

man are you positive your power supply is ok ? 5 volt , 12 volt etc etc

26th February 2011, 08:15 PM
They both just ran of the normal transformer at 120v. 2 ac wires only. I unplugged the socket connector on the old one and checked it was 120 then plugged it into the new screen. The older monitor was definately a little dodgy to start with a fair bit of pop and crackle on start up. It did its usual pop and crackle but a little less than usual. Now I dont get any sound at all and seemingly no power to screen even tho there is 120 going to it.

No offence taken. Ive run it through my head as well. But the new screen was running beautifully and it was basically plug and play. Power and the video connections.

Im hoping just the moving in and out of the old screen was just too much for the old baby but I dont believe in coincidences myself. Its driving me mad.

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you getting a glow at the back of the monitor ? a orange colored glow in the clear tube.....

do you at least get a flash when you turn her off ?

i think hewitson is defiantly sourced your issue with the isolation transformer....

man are you positive your power supply is ok ? 5 volt , 12 volt etc etc

This is a good point. I dont even get a flash or anything. I checked the power supply thinking maybe its just as simple as that. The AC is 240v

BUT! Changing the meter to DC and testing the 5v and 12v im not getting correct readings from the 5 volt and 12 volt!

Great I thought! So I grabbed a power supply out of a working machine and changed it over. SAME THING! I figure if the transformer is giving the power supply 240v then that should be enough. Im very confused.

I also scoured the new monitor for damage to chassis and it looks perfect. Could this be the main transformer be the problem?

To check im using the multi meter correctly. I switch to DC 20 and put the red pointer on 12v and the black pointer on the power supply ground and the same for the 5v is that correct?

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OK Quick update. I had the the meter on wrong dc amps not dc volts. der.

Anyway. Im getting 5.01v from the 5v and nearly 14v from the 12v!

I also tested the 1315 in the same cabinet with a lcd using the VGA out and it worked fine.

Hope this helps because im doing my head in.

26th February 2011, 10:00 PM
do me a masive fav.. can you get a photo of the guts where the transformer lies ?

good to know your powersupply is ok...

but you should be getting sound from your narc board , in other words make her play blind....

leave the nerwer monitor for now.. getting back to your older monitor.. she back in ?

****er should be firing up.. why why why ?

am wondering if the transformers ****ed....

and yes thats fine with your meter.. red on voltage and black on ground.

machine shpould be like this....

240 going to tranformer....
110 going out to chassis and power supply....

" there should be nothing in your machine running on 240 volt.. very important to keep this in mind".

unless your powr supply is set to 240 volt ?

27th February 2011, 11:58 AM
Well the sound board is off for repair for this narc machine so no go there but i know its working due to the led on the mainboard. i too am thinking this only leaves the transformer but it is sending 110v to the chassis as ive continually tested that. Interesting enough the light in the header has been changed to 240v to run a standard light bulb in there but in my other machine its 110v

the ac on the power supply meters at 230. will go take a picture of the ancient mess of a transformer now.

27th February 2011, 01:00 PM

28th February 2011, 05:00 PM
I think when the new screen gets back im not going to connect it to this old transformer at all instead attach a normal plug to it and run it through one of these.



I figure I already have to turn on two switches one for the cab and one for the gameboard so why not just have to turn on 3 and get the old transformer out of the way.

Think this is a good idea?

14th March 2011, 02:27 PM
Wooo! Good news. The 15k touchscreen came back repaired the other day. I wasnt here when it arrived so i didnt get to find out what went wrong but ill call them on tuesday and find out.

While waiting for the screen I decided I would find a 48cm and get a jomac chassis for it. Seems silly to have a touchscreen in the narc cab and im also impatiant and wanted to try something else.

Found a panasonic 48cm on ebay and scored it for the princely sum of $3.25! Felt bad so I gave the seller a 5er hahah. Waited a few days to discharge and ripped out the tube...


Took the H and V readings joey needed and within a few days i had in my hands this tidy JOMAC unit....


Seeya 24k tube and stuffed chassis!


Screen and chassis all installed. Perfect fit...




Took it home and installed it straight away even though i was supposed to be packing to go camping.. and it works PERFECTLY! It was horinzontally inverted to start but of course and email response from joey got it sorted.

Bit hard to see with the sun on the screen but it looks great and im rapt! Cant thank Joey enough for his help. Will put a better pics up later and transfer the 1315 in 1 back in as i was just using a neo 150 in 1 to test.



19th March 2011, 10:53 AM

Image was a little blurry but nice and sharp now with some focus adjustment. Anyway......

I hope someone finds this questions since its in this thread but now the cab is working perfectly, I have a couple of questions.

(1) I want to start replacing the t-molding. I have cut 1cm notches out of the middle strip so i can bend it around the corners properly. My question is what glue should i be using?

(2) Now the 1315in1 is running in the machine. The audio on each game is different. Some are blaring, some are very quiet. I have it setup for stereo but i was wondering if there is some sort of inline amp or volume control units that i can install just inside the coin door to adjust each speaker for each game.

I think ive seen audio amps around but they seem to mono. Do I need two of these? One for each speaker?