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16th January 2011, 06:12 PM
I don't want to fill up the place with silly question threads and this one is kind of linked so thought I'd edit it for a new question :)

Basically I'm trying to copy and paste text in either notepad or word so that it stays in the order I want.

I used romlister batchfiles to move as many roms as I could and now Im going through a list of 3000 games by hand, if I can figure out how to edit a batchfile with the new roms its goign to save me a HUGE amount of time compared to moving each rom and video by hand.

So the batchfile is listed like

move 720gr1.zip c:\badroms
move aceattac.zip c:\badroms
move aceattaca.zip c:\badroms

and I now have a long list of roms I want to move, is there anyway in notepad or word where I can replace the rom names? Maybe make a list of move, then paste in a list of rom names then a list of .zip c:\badroms.

I really need the extra room by deleting as much as I can that isnt usable from the roms and videos, I'm looking about the net but cant find what I'm after so far so any ideas appreciated.

Old question

I'm using the excellent romlister to trim some of the fat from my mame set up. It creates a batchfile to move roms into another folder which is great, then I've edited the batchfiles to also move the snaps etc by changing the extensions (right term?) to png where needed.

But I can't get it to work with the video previews, they're listed as 'video clip'

I've tried changing the .zip to video clip, leaving it blank and .wmp but nothing is picking up the files.

Any suggestions for what I need to change the extension to to find the files?

Sorry I posted too quick :) kept looking online and all I needed to do was go to folder options and untick the hide known extensions options.