View Full Version : System 32: Spiderman to Golden Axe 2 - 4 player conversion

Not Matt
2nd December 2006, 04:11 PM
Didn't know how to word the title but hopefully it interested some of you.

Basically I have a 4 Player System 32 board for Spiderman. My sister's boyfriend who I swap and share a bunch of boards with has Golden Axe : The Revenge of Death Adder. His is the 2 player version, though we both have 4 player cabs.

I was wondering, is it simple enough to just transfer the portion of the board which has the 4 player outlets from the Spiderman board and connect it to the Golden Axe board?

If you're not familiar with the format, here's an image of what the Golden Axe looks like (In spirit ;))

Basically the bottom right portion of the Spiderman board (ie next to the Jamma pinout) has another square section that connects via the two outlets if I remember correctly (might just be one, the board is fairly wrapped up at the moment)

EDIT: Ok and thanks to KLOV, here is an image of Golden Axe with that extra portion