View Full Version : 60 in 1 Jamma - where to buy?

25th March 2010, 12:19 AM
Sounds obvious I know however I'm having a hard time finding an up-to-date version A board with 3 month warranty for a decent price.

This is what I've found so far:

Highway Entertainment (http://www.highway.net.au/parts/pcb/9663_1.html) - ships from Australia - AU$185.00 + shipping.
JammaBoards.com (http://www.jammaboards.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=212&ccSID285e73f64c04744fc5f33ff68f529742=3bdb94e60732 b4786a8f53f2c46cc14c) - ships from US - AU$167.44 + shipping.
Lizard Lick Amusements (http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/boards.shtml) - ships from US - AU$164.35 + shipping.
Excellent Arcade (http://www.excellentcom.net/detail.asp?catid=47160&subcatid=0&pdtid=323420&private=) - ships from China - AU$166.67 + shipping.

Surely there's a better deal for one of these? Or am I gonna have to fork out lots of cash for an A board? Would I be better off getting one of the cheaper knock-offs?

25th March 2010, 12:31 AM
excellent are from china

the so called B board you dislike is 60 US from them

25th March 2010, 05:45 AM
My actual cost price (in China) for those boards is AU$85 plus collection cost of $8 plus shipping to Aus $25. That is a price for buying 10pcs and comes with NO WARRANTY to me - warranty is on me and at my risk - the factory will not warrant them at all!

I think a retail price for buying one board of $160 delivered with warranty is a very good price.

25th March 2010, 06:44 AM
If you have the time and like to get it as real as posible go Vantage !


25th March 2010, 04:05 PM
Thanks for the info.

Highway Entertainment actually sell the boards for AU$185.00 + shipping which seems a little steep for my liking. Which is a shame as I would have preferred to buy it from an Australian dealer.

Next best bet seems to be JammaBoards.com however they are out of stock. :cry

So I'm going to wait for JammaBoards to get more stock in and keep my eyes open in the meantime.

25th March 2010, 04:13 PM
If you buy from ANY overeseas seller you can forget any notion of warranty as it would not be worth the postage both ways to bother with it.