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18th August 2009, 12:28 PM
OK everybody, here's the result of why I joined up to this site...

I remember as a kid spending loads of money on Galaxians, Space Invaders, Crazy Kong, Firebird etc. I played both cocktails and uprights, and slowly evolved up to MAME many years ago, complete with an X-Arcade Dual Tankstick.

But as you all know, it just isn't the same....

I've been reading a bit here and there since joining this site, and recently bought one of those $300 kits from ebay with controls, 60-in-1 PCB, Jamma Harness etc and decided to knock something up for a practice. The following pic shows arcade prototype 1. (sorry about the crappy pic, camera phone and resizing and all that...)

The terminal was an old mdf internet access terminal that we had out in the field many years ago, but was never updated by the company we got them from. So they've sat in the workshop idle for the last couple of years. It had a horizontal 15" LCD and a keybpard/trackball combo. The keyboard and trackball were removed, along with the PC mobo, and the screen rotated 90". Unfortunately the front flap now no longer fits, so its as ugly as an old camp dog. I built a small frame for the underside to give some clearance to the new controls, drilled some holes with the holesaw and my son and I wired it all up.

It pretty much worked first time, except the direction of the controllers was out. just had to replug to the correct microswitches and we were away.

I have an IT support business, with a cabinet maker on the books, so I took it down to his workshop to see how much it would cost to get it built into a cabinet (or a cocktail). One look and he and his CAD guy were hooked, so now they are going to make up some cabinets on the cad, cut and route them on his fancy million dollar wood cutting machine and I just have to wire up a couple of extras for them.

Anyway I've since gotten hooked, and ordered extra controls and an IPAC to build a mame upright cabinet, more buttons to convert the prototype into a cocktail, and maybe even mess with a touchscreen jukebox/pokie like another thread on here.

All up the cost was $330 for the internals, about $12 for the wooden frame underneath and $60 for the holesaw kit. The cabinet and screen were leftovers, so technically free. I still have another half-dead terminal so might try to make a more narrow unit from that.

Overall it was pretty easy to get up and running, and I'd advise anybody new to have a crack at it.

And thanks for the help from all of the posters in this forum, without being able to read thru the thousands of posts on here I'd still be wondering where to start.



18th August 2009, 03:03 PM
Nice quick and simple bar top. Well done. Just put a nice bezel on it and it'll look fine =)