View Full Version : Smallest & Brightest fluro or led lighting for Jukebox Marquee?

13th August 2009, 07:55 PM

I have been building a wall mounted jukebox and it is nearing completion. I originally bought one of those twin 300 mm fluro jobs that can be run from pc power but I foidn them not to be bright enough to light my marquee and it didnt look very good. I then thought that I wont light the marquee at all btu I was looking at it the other night and it just doesn't look right not lit up.

Now I don't have a lot of space and a normal size fluro is way too big so I need a solution that is approx 25-30 cm long and as skinny as possible but very BRIGHT! What do people suggest? Is there a small led strip that would work for me or should I buy 2 sets of thise 300 mm fluros?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



13th August 2009, 08:09 PM
I found the 2x 300mm CCFL sets to be just about the right brightness. I'm not sure how much the different brands of them compare though.

LEDs tend to be too directional, especially over the short throw distances involved in a typical marquee box.

Maybe try one of the 12V fluros? I have had problems in the past with the inverters on the cheap units dying after not that many hours of operation.

13th August 2009, 08:23 PM
my marquee is only approx 30cm long by 7cm wide so it's not very big to light up. As I said I tried a set of the 2x 300mm CCFL and I didnt find it bright enough. I think maybe 2 reasons - my marquee is printed on heavier paper not like a proper marquee and looking at the 2x300 ccfl's i ad they are the uv ones not the white ones so don't know if the white ones would be brighter? I was thinking if there's no led solution to just buy 2 sets of the 2x 300mm CCFL so then i would be running for of them and hopefully that would be bright enough?

13th August 2009, 08:44 PM
I'm not surprised the UV CCFL sucked. The white ones are quite bright. I used a pair of them on the back of the AVD van to light up the number plate & sign writing!

13th August 2009, 08:52 PM
cool....i might have to get a set of white ones then and see how that goes. how much for a white one from you including postage to Adelaide??

what's the best way to mount them too...1 at the top of the marquee and 1 at the bottom...both at top...both at bottom??

13th August 2009, 08:58 PM
I think postage is $7 for those, so $26.95 all up.

13th August 2009, 09:03 PM
I got these puppies from Bunnings. Around $30 a pop, 240V mains fed. Come in various sizes from about 25-30cm up to 60cm from memory.



13th August 2009, 09:25 PM
I bought some of these and they work brilliant.... Flashing though............


13th August 2009, 09:30 PM
would be good if it didn't flash though...unless it pulsed in time with the music...that would be an interesting marquee light in a jukebox!