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6th August 2009, 08:39 PM
Title : The Addams Family
Manufacturer : Bally
Year : 1992


Quote from Tony at The Pinball Shed :

Addams Family, I have worked on 13 of these in the past year. Most common faults were as follows.
1. This game has 5 pop bumpers, over half of the games serviced had either busted yokes underneath or broken rod and rings. Doing your first pop bumper rebuild is always a little tricky but after you have done a couple you will be doing them blindfolded. I always use the thicker and stronger data east type yokes to replace the thinner ones. Always try and gap your bumper contact, not to close and not to far apart, best to adjust watching underneath, while you push down on the shirt around the bumper, which the ball hits.
2. 3 of the games had things hand not picking up the ball, in all cases the small coil magnet in the fingertips had a broken wire, which was easily fixed.
3. 4 of the games had swamp lock switch problems, the ball would be locked behind the bookcase then rolls down into the swamp, ball not registering, then machine starts going into ball search mode kicking out the ball from the swamp. Some just needed one of the 3 switches adjusted, one had a wire off and the other one had a seized up switch which needed replacing.
4. The thing flips had stopped working on 2 games, this was due to a dirty opto switch in the small lane above the small flipper and a dead opto on the other game.
5. 2 of the games each had one magnet out and both had to be replaced.
The fuses were also taken out and replaced.
One of my fab games the Addams, when the flippers are overhauled and everything working well with all new bouncy rubbers, this game is a delight to play. Can easily understand why this is a highly rated game.