View Full Version : Title Fight

28th July 2009, 10:07 PM
Hi guys,i dont normally post pics of my machines up as i get bored with them and sell them,but ive got a few keepers now and this is one of them.Firstly id like to say thank you to victor(pash), and brodie(bwodie) who sold me a game board ,thanx boys.Well after a long long drive to dubbo, i finally bought it back in one piece, i started to clean the panels,they came up great.Ive started to assemble the rest of the machine together and noticed inside the cab is smick,so i wont bother with the vaccum cleaner.To get it going i just need the tubes and chassis's and power supplys,im going to put new t-moulding to give it a stand out look as well.Well thats it for now il post more pics soon.

29th July 2009, 08:08 AM
such a great game, this one will be a beauty!