View Full Version : Weak pop bumpers on Gottlieb System 1

6th September 2006, 02:27 PM
Finishing my Roller Disco. Pop bumpers were weak before the restoration so I stripped them down and rebuilt (replaced parts as needed).

Buggers are still weak. They kick the ball away OK but without any real force as compared to my other System 1 games. Swapped around the mpu boards and driver boards, still the same. Coils are correct as per manual.

Kicking rubbers are also a little weak but not too bad.

Bridge rectifiers perhaps????


7th September 2006, 08:17 AM
I suggest monitoring the V levels while in use, they could be dropping from bad PSU bad caps and the like...
If all the bumpers are weak the PSU is the best bet but also check all connectors as you may have a bad connector in the wiring loom.
If some are good but others are bad its not going to be PSU but more likely the actuators themselves, from memory there are two types of construction (its been a while so dont flame me) the older type of coil can commonly burn out and even one bad one can fail a whole circuit, the newer units were supposed to be more reliable... you should be able to test each one with a multimeter out of curcuit for shorts and low or high ohms... the manual should tell you the correct value