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5th September 2006, 12:53 PM
how do you setup command version mame?

5th September 2006, 01:07 PM
how do you setup command version mame?
Please be more specific.

What do you want to do with it? Set it up in a cabinet with a front end? Or merely run it from the command line?

MAME.net always has an up to date version of their "windows.txt" file which tells you the commandline parameters:

Running "mame -showusage" will spit out a list of ALL the commands needed to configure MAME from the command line. You can spit these out to a file by typing:

mame -showusage > usage.txt

This will create "usage.txt" which you can view in any text editor (notepad.exe for Windows users).

If you don't want to run commands from the commandline all the time, you can create an .ini file (.ini is the fairly standard extension for "initialisation" files - files that are read with configuration information at program startup - under DOS and Windows).

Do this by first creating a default config:

mame -createconfig

Then with your favourite editor (again, notepad.exe will work fine) open up the newly created mame.ini and change the settings as you need. Whenever you fire up MAME from the commandline it will obey these settings.

If at any time you want MAME to ignore this file (say you are benchmarking, or want to test another setting without reading your config file), you can add the "-norc" flag, which will tell mame to ignore the config file. (Just to confuse the issue - ".rc" files are the default extension for config files under UNIX/Linux, which is what most oldschool programmers use, hence the flag name).

That's the fairly general advice. If you want more specific advice, please give us a detailed post letting us know exactly what you want to do, and someone can give you a better answer.