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1st July 2009, 10:50 AM
My original thread on this...

My repairs in that thread were kind of bodgy and resulted in a so-so machine. I felt it deserved better...

This is a LAI cab that someone has hacked the harness to have a 22-pin connector and then hacked the other side of the harness back to Xybots.

I bought a new harness from QuarterArcade in USA. But it was Atari wiring and not LAI, so the plugs were different :o

You gotta love ebay sometimes. I have been looking for leaf switches or maybe replacement joysticks, maybe a replacement Audio board. Then I came across the perfect auction (Main PCB, Audio PCB, harness and 2 joysticks all tested). Only problem: US only. Oh well, if you don't ask, you don't get. So I ask the seller for shipping to Australia. He says no, but a few days later changes his mind because I am the only one who didnt want him to break up the auction or low ball him. So for around $200 shipped I have the gear....

Blue would sometimes disappear: Dodgy re-wired cable from Main PCB. Replaced with new Atari cable: Had to swap Blue and Red pins. Luckily the Atari connectors were easy to rewire, the wires just poped out and clicked back in. Video now 100%

Left speaker had loud hum, even when in test mode.
Replaced speaker: No help.
Replaced cable from Audio PCB to speakers: No help.
Replaced Audio PCB: Fixed
Sound now 100%

Replaced deteriorated rubber ring on actuator replaced. This led to sticky controls.
Replaced joysticks with "new" ones. These new ones have Gauntlet style leaf switches. Joysticks now 100%

Replaced LAI joystick harness with Atari original. This allowed me to pants off the dodgy connector and the whole cluster**** of tangled wires in the cab.

Result: 100% working original Atari Xybots :D

The art is yellowed and darkened. There is cigarette burns in places, so its been in a smoky environment. Would the art be cleanable? Or is the yellowing like fading?

1st July 2009, 07:54 PM
i have a stash of leaf buttons

they look different to regular buttons and are mini leafs

love em to bits if you need some

1st July 2009, 07:56 PM
My original thread on this...
This allowed me to pants off the dodgy connector and the whole cluster**** of tangled wires in the cab.

Has to be Arcade quote of the week:D

I love the word Cluster****!!

1st July 2009, 09:59 PM
Its the only word in the English language that could come close to describing the innards of this cab (before I rewired).

3rd July 2009, 08:10 PM
Just finished off putting the new joysticks in and, **** me, its a great thing having a fully working game!!! Spent ages playing it.

Now I have 2 spare 10-way joysticks. Would fetch a pretty penny if I put in leaf switches...hmmm...would also be good in a Saturn based machine, the twisting would be the left and right buttons: perfect for Panzer Dragoon Zwei .... hmmm...I do have that Saturn to JAMMA interface as well...and the Virtua Cop light guns...I smell another project :cool: