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Mr Pubstuff
23rd June 2009, 12:09 AM
I got an upright cabinet on geebay (who ended up being an AA member Pommie Paul who is a real nice guy) and after close inspection realised it wasnt going to be one i would probably keep for a long time (cabinet pretty average) so went with the easiest and cheapest option to do a pretty good tart up of the old girl and 1 week was the limit on a budget with quality in mind where it mattered.


so, after asking about the monitor in another thread, i figured i was missing an important part of the original wiring harness, so out it all come just leaving a bare cab and monitor slide (which i was going to reuse).

i had a 21" monitor that ive had for maybe 8-10 years i guess and have been looking for a reason to replace it (it still has such a nice picture) so out of the case came the mitsubishi diamond pro and after getting it stripped down to 3 wires holding it all together decided to backpedal and put it back together in its chassis and make a new slide to suit and adjust the whole frame accordingly to be able to flip it from horizontal to vertical later as required (it was going to be a horizontal mame, but after reading another thread, they just dont give enough elbow room for a fighter so its vertical for now using the 48 in 1 out of the cocktail cabinet while i get around to fitting the 20" lcd in it and a 60 in 1 can go in that).


anyway, after a few false starts, its in and looking ok. im thinking of bring it closer to the glass that its going to sit behind as i can more easily fit a custom bezel of some description.


the old blue paint on top of the laminate had seen better days and was badly worn, so i tried a little acetone on it and off it come. the problem was the paint stopped the laminate fading underneath. after a couple of days it grew on me and i like the spacey grid type look left behind.


there was 2 old coin mechs in the cab, but none of the 3 worked. after a bit of interchanging and made a complete one that works. coin door was sanded and given the dulux reco.

the cabinet was broken apart in 2 places (not mentioned in ad tut tut) so after fixing it back up, it was time to decide how to best deal with large gouges down low on the front.
1.6mm alloy chequerplate was used and i have matching chequerplate vinyl used in signwriting to do the sides that was lying around.


i pulled the buttons and joysticks out (which were all very good) but the control panel itself was tragic. i took it to 2 sandblasters who wanted $40 to strip it as it was old powdercoat which goes like grease with the heat of the blast apparently. anyway, that wasnt in the budget so back home to a belt sander and a fine sander. i was thinking of using some carbon fibre vinyl i have here over it, but decided for $15 it can be powdercoated tomorrow and its not an issue i have to worry about again (and i can use the carbon fibre maybe as a surround on the glass)


went to 2 places to find 16mm tee mould both neither had black (beige and cream seem very popular) so tomorrow i should find some i guess. Ive ordered tinted toughened glass for the top so maybe by the end of the week or the weekend it will be getting thrashed by the kids and i'll post some more pics. need to get a jamma loom, a marquee of some description and some speakers (the old favorites in use on this computer may get duty in it yet as they are too big for the cocktail)


more to come, but thought it was time i posted something of worth :cool:

23rd June 2009, 10:08 AM
I was watching that cab...

Good pick-up and great thread. You will have the old girl going in no time...

Keep the photo's coming...:)

23rd June 2009, 10:15 AM
Cab looks great, well done :023:

BTW, where did you get the chequer plate from? :unsure I would like to do the same thing to my LAI upright cab.


23rd June 2009, 10:22 AM
Those old Taito's are nice cabs.. Job well done.. :cool:

Mr Pubstuff
23rd June 2009, 10:58 AM
i got the chequerplate from AJ Stock at Hoden Hill (they do a lot of truck repairs so have offcuts of chequerplate at cheap prices) but any metal place will probably have it. i got mine in 1.6mm thick altho it is available in up to 6.4mm i think for those bulletproof installs ...

23rd June 2009, 05:13 PM
Its hard to do stuff on a tight budget, but you have it looking pretty good now.

Mr Pubstuff
23rd June 2009, 08:34 PM
yep, but tight budgets are ok when you got time hehe.

i got the chequerplate vinyl cut to size today, dropped off the control panel to be powdercoated and i forgot the 8 bolts that hold the joysticks so i may see if i can get them done early in the morning or just fit some nice stainless button heads and maybe a carbon fibre overlay just for the hell of it :wtf:

but i cant find any tee mold (mould), knock in mold (mould) tee molding (moulding) in 16mm width with a 1.6mm spine in anything but beige, cream, white and brown. if i wanted to get it ordered online i would have done so earlier but the stuff is cheap (in the colors mentioned 1.65 a metre) and all i want is black (but the chrome would look nice). any leads to buy this in adelaide much appreciated as i want it for the weekend deadline for it to come inside and be played by the kids who nag daily .. :021::064::slap:


anyway, the 1-2 player stainless steel panel in the middle of the console was dreadful. thinners and a good soak with goo off didnt work and it had these spots that wouldnt shift and i was almost to resigned to have to get it machine polished (95% of my tools are all still in storage till we find somewhere new to build a big shed and i have a polisher and linisher packed away). so i used one of the magic erasers ive used on the pinball playfields with much success and wow! almost like new and i didnt have to get out any polish altho it may need some bright shine to get rid of the last bits under the button edges but they wont be seen anyway. much more eco than other methods i guess too. the spots that werent coming out by any other method are gone. i may try some tooth paste to polish it gently. it is much better than the pic shows and that really surprised me. :huh:


im thinking to order a pair of new 1 and 2 man player buttons with the one or 2 person image on them as they look neat and are right in your face on this machine between the controls. if the buttons werent all that good i would have liked to put in the illuminated ones *bling*

one of the traders here may be able to get a jamma harness and a couple of buttons to overnight to me away tomorrow. i'll check it out later maybe. :sleep

24th June 2009, 08:37 AM
Did you find T-Mould?? I have 100m of 20mm that you can cut to 16mm. I found the holy grail of T-Mould suppliers. .88c per mtr in 100m roll of the best quality T-mould. I have got some off other people and it's been cheap platic crap. Only prob is white / black / grey. They don't have any other colors.

24th June 2009, 12:42 PM
Nice work it looking good...

I need to build a low boy they look cool...

Mr Pubstuff
24th June 2009, 08:10 PM
hey max, that may be the go, but paul i got the cab from reckons he may have some mold and evan a jamma loom, so i'll know in an hour or 2 if i'm a lucky boy as paul is only around the corner. i'll see if this pans out first but thats cheap huh?

in between getting the bolts to the powdercoaters, catching up with a mate and doing the op shop round with the family, i got one side of the cab filled (thanks to some old plastibond lying around), sanded and covered in the chequerplate vinyl. looks pretty good i think too. not as thick as the carbon fibre stuff which is what some guys use on their dashboards and other, but thin like normal signwriting vinyl. i got some rainbow sparkle stuff as well as holographic stuff i think i have to use up as well, but that stuff is real thick and is a buggar to cut on the plotter.


anyway, what was done before mr mom duty called. i get to pick up the CP tomorrow im sure and i think the glass will be ready by fridey i hope (i had put earlier i had it but i had only ordered it at the bargain price of $20 for 4mm toughened & tinted).
its still on for the weekend i reckon. lee, if you're reading this, come try your luck on it i reckon this weekend unless ive buggared the monitor by not getting it back together properly ...:o

is there any other way to get a marquee other than scabbing someones artwork or buying a ready done or do you go to a digital printing place and ask for a translucent print on perspex of supplied artwork done yourself?


Pommie Paul
24th June 2009, 11:56 PM

looking good mate , just shows you what can be done if you put your mind to it , was pretty sorry looking when it left my place , looking sweet now i dig that chequer plate look ,

Oh an i'm ok for the t mould still hunting for that jamma an i good to go with speakers i just have to test em


should be home about 8 if you want to ring us

25th June 2009, 08:45 AM
[QUOTE=Mr Pubstuff;303094]hey max, that may be the go, but paul i got the cab from reckons he may have some mold and evan a jamma loom, so i'll know in an hour or 2 if i'm a lucky boy as paul is only around the corner. i'll see if this pans out first but thats cheap huh?

That's the right price.:lol Looking good. Love the green color.

Mr Pubstuff
25th June 2009, 09:02 PM
happy days :D
i got a days work today at late notice so wasnt knocking that back, so off to pickup the control panel tomorrow. last night i disassembled all the buttons, cleaned and polished them and put them back together after the mandatory spring stretch and then cleaned up all microswitch tags with a wipe of the solder iron ready to put plugs on easily. that all done i know what im doing tomorrow night. hopefully the glass will be ready tomorrow, but even so its not looking great for a saturday session now on a finished machine, but sunday is still a good chance

still gotta do something about a marquee, waiting on a call back from paul about the jamma loom (ive already decided if i have to pull the loom out of the cocktail i will but id prefer not to of course). i still have to fill and sand the other side of the cab and decal tomorrow anyway and i'm mr mom all day so time will be low .. :cry

ps: the green and the diamond plate (rather than chequerplate as ive been incorrectly calling it) is really growing on me more than i thought it would :o

Pommie Paul
25th June 2009, 10:02 PM

sorry mate can't find that jamma ok on t mould an speakers
ran late at work today should be home tomorrow around 7.30 after soccer try my phone then


Mr Pubstuff
26th June 2009, 12:23 AM
beaut news thanks paul. unless some kind soul in adelaide has a jamma harness spare, i'll be pulling the one out of the cocktail cab tomorrow or saturday. i'll see you on friday night if you want to give me a tinkle or email when ya home?

Mr Pubstuff
26th June 2009, 10:13 PM
well not much done today with the missus at work and a few things to do.

got the control panel picked up along with the assortment of bolts i got done, all for $20. i couldnt really prime, sand and paint for that (especially if you have other things to do with your time). i loved it in its original black when i got it, but after i got the joysticks and buttons in, not so much. the black joysticks are lost on the panel. i may pull red ones out of another cabinet to get some contrast .. not sure right now but it is very sexy regardless hehe.


got the other side of the cab stripped of paint, lower part filled and sanded and diamond plate vinyl on also. that is a reflection of the carport roof/gutter and sky you can see as it is pretty reflective. pics of before and after below.


unfortunately the glass wasn't ready for me today, but will be monday i believe so it will probably be tuesday to get to pick it up and then by that stage or should be complete (i got a few days work next week yay).

jamma harness out of the other cab but a bit of work to do on it. i may elect to wait for a new one and put this one back where it came from due to some custom work on the loom now that i have to wait till tuesday for glass and i still have to pick up a computer power supply from somewhere also unless i rob one from an unused computer.

28th June 2009, 08:34 AM
Great work. I like those black joysticks. You will never break them. Go a new harness. Cheap as chips. If you need a PC power supply I have heaps here. If you get stuck just pay for postage and it's your's.


Pommie Paul
28th June 2009, 06:59 PM
Baz sorry mate had insane weekend , haven't stopped will be home for sure monday night after 7 ,
i'm a go on t mold
speakers + have plenty of PSU's if you still need one


2nd July 2009, 02:14 PM
I saw this on ebay too. Good to see it being done up than being binned! Looks really nice. Keep the photos coming.

Mr Pubstuff
4th July 2009, 06:56 PM

i got t-mold, speakers and a psu from paul for nix, so very happy about that. :D

not happy about the ebay vendor who said they posted express on thursday to be here friday (especially when i bought the loom last weekend online) so needless to say they wont be getting any more of my business. :realmad:

got the glass yesterday for a bargain $20 :cool: (toughened tinted 4mm) so i just have to decide what to do the surround in (got a variety of sign vinyls in most colors as well as carbon fibre/hologram/rainbow burst which is a multi colored metallic) or just plain boring black. im concerned if i do it in something too bright or eyecatching it may distract the gameplay. :confused: any input appreciated. :rolleyes

anyway, i had pulled the monitor back out to raise it closer to the glass, as it was too low and made it too hard to do a bezel from scratch when i had the option of using the original front surround of the monitor and a surround on the glass to cover the other bits outside the surround. budget/laziness dictated i would do it from offcuts of the tray i made for the monitor, so glued some pieces together and clamped them overnight. cut them to width and glued them in and gave them a coat or two of paint and raised the monitor 1" closer to the glass with it now being maybe 6mm under the glass fascia. i think think has been the most frustrating part of the whole deal, as ive had this monitor in and out maybe 6 times getting it all where it should be (but it hasnt been that bad, all fun and learning :D) im not sold on the overall look with the monitor front on, but i think the end will be a good result or i guess i will just make a custom bezel.

heres some photos on my stunning workbench (otherwise known as a spa:lol)..


anyway, next update at the end of the week i guess which should be the end of it ... so much for the 1 week resto (should have been 2 days if i had a bloody shed...):huh:

thanks to pommie paul .. a real nice guy despite being a soccer nut ... :p

Pommie Paul
4th July 2009, 11:14 PM
No problem Baz

BTW it's Football mate ......oh hang on i'm in Oz soccer will do

cabinet looking sweet glad the old girl is coming together gotta love this forum people helping each other out is the nuts

great work keep photo's coming

Mr Pubstuff
5th July 2009, 07:29 PM
soccer is what ya stuck with in oz hahaha:lol

well today saw the t-mold on (thanks again paul) and as i had a variety of colors around in sign vinyl, i decided to try one as a monitor surround on the glass that was real close to the cabinet color (as if i didnt like it its easy to remove and cost less than $5 for the experiment) and im not sure what to think. the green looks much brighter, but in reality its closer than the pics look. i'm going to let it sit a few days and see if it grows on me or its off with the green and on with maybe carbon fibre which i was going to do first. its all a bit green but it doesnt look too bad.:confused:

heres the pics


hopefully the other bits (1 + 2 player buttons/jamma loom/cab locks/etc) arrive tomorrow and by next weekend it should be a runner (yay) :cool:

10th July 2009, 01:30 PM
I really like the green. Gives it a Kermit theme (maybe shouldn't have said that, you might wanna change it now)

Looks cool.