View Full Version : Paperboy Repair Log

10th May 2009, 09:05 PM
Symptom: in attract mode, look at the roof of the second house ? a lawnmower is partly visible in/behind it.
Cure: Pin 18 of the LS244 at 8B stuck high ? replaced chip on Video board.

Symptom: on test screen, right third (roughly) of all letters is missing
Cure: Replaced faulty LS374 at location 5T on Video board

Symptom: ?Jailbars?
Diagnosis: Dodgy output on 74S189 at location 9C/D (area of Video board: Playfield Scrolling)
Cure: Replaced faulty 74S189 at location 9C/D

Symptom: Random blocks appearing as video board warms up, test mode reporting that 6116 at location 3B was at fault but it wasn?t. Socket okay. Freezer spray isolated the 74S74 at location 2L
Cure: Replaced 74S74 at location 2L